Lakes and Forests in Central Michigan

I made a disparaging remark about Michigan yesterday, but now I want to take it back. I have only ever had the experience of south Michigan, and I wasn't too impressed, to say the least. And Detroit, I just think is downright sad. 
But central Michigan makes up for it!

Today I got to explore two National Forests and see a Great Lake and several other lesser lakes. 
This is a part of the country I have not yet explored and I'm so glad I finally did. 
Woodland Lake in the Manistee National Forest

 Having fully enjoyed one forest we took off for the next. But along the way, I was seduced by easy access to this lake. It was in a township named Lake. But it was also known as Lake City. The stencil on the trashcans at this park gave me a chuckle as they read "The City of Lake City".
River at Lake Missaukee

 On the highway to the Huron Forest, I was struck by the stark contrast between the steel grey dark sky and the brightly lit trees and road in the foreground.
 But moments later, the sky got REALLY dark and the clouds opened up. There were several moments of zero visibility.
But that didn't stop us from visiting a scenic overlook. We didn't mind getting wet.

 We actually stayed there a long time before moving on.
 The sky reflected in the Mio Dam Pond. 
Then we got to our motel.
It's only the fourth time, in the whole six years that I've been doing these trips, that River and I've staying in a place other than Motel 6. In all cases but one it was because there were no Motel 6s anywhere near where I wanted to stop. Such was the case here in Mackinaw City.
So it's an unusual luxury to see things in the room like a hair dryer and shampoo. There's a coffee maker, too. But I think I'll stick to my French Press in the morning.


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