Woodstock and Some Ohio Sights

Class today took place in a yoga studio in a mall. The free-standing building we were in was separate from the mall proper. It was set in the parking lot, way out toward the street. The yoga place was in one of the three units in building; the other tenant was a tax firm and the third space was "For Lease".

We had a small but mighty group as we relived the Three Days of Peace, Love and Music on the cork floor in a studio with no mirrors but lots of windows. Perfect for experiencing Woodstock and FreeDance.

My host, Amanda, had put together some 'door prizes' for the best costumes. They were cactuses in shoe-shaped planters. There turned out to be as many prizes as there were students so everyone got one.

I was making conversation as the plants were being passed out and I mentioned how I'd fantasized about traveling with a plant to combat the stale air in these motel rooms. I was joking; I seriously doubt a single small plant could change the air that much, but once I put it out there, I realized I had made a terrible error because everyone wanted to give me their plant. Long story short, I ended up taking one.  It's in my motel room right now, oxygenating as fast as it can. Between River and I, it's got a lot of breath to handle.

Amanda also made me a loaf of dark chocolate chip and walnut pumpkin bread. I had some after my burger tonight and it was so good!! I'm looking forward to going to bed, so I can wake up and have my coffee....with pumpkin bread!

Some of the sights I saw in Ohio:

corn fields

A GIANT field of sunflowers, (an annual tradition in the town of Avon in honor of a young girl who died of a rare form of brain cancer.)

The crisp and clear crescent moon against a cobalt sky as an amber fire faded on the horizon.

The sky filling with smoke.  Must've been a fire nearby.... A real one, not the metaphor for the setting sun that I used above.

Two large deer crossing the road in front of me. They have a terrible sense of timing. The first one crossed in plenty of time, and I thought that was it, but just as I approached, a second, much larger one, bounded out in front of me, missing me by about eleven inches. Nice work, dude!

Lake Erie, on the horizon. Or I should say it WAS the horizon. Such a big lake, I couldn't see the other side, just sky meeting water.

Things I didn't see in Ohio:

a butterfly

a hot air balloon

a drive-in theater

Jim Belushi


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