Interstate 84: Baker City to Twin Falls

The morning started with a fascinating walk around the property.

There's a miniature golf course over on the other side. I didn't see it  until I was driving away, or I definitely would have explored that up close. But I was happy with the rusty car frame missing a chassis, and a discarded turret.  We found all of this in the back of the building, where there was also this apartment and a banquet room (both long abandoned). 

Since it was Oregon, I let some dude fill Babe up with premium gas. He made small talk with me as the tank filled. He asked if I was traveling anywhere today. I guess in a (ahem) town like Baker City, it's a safe bet someone is just passing through. Maybe my car being from out of state and completely covered with dirt gives me a well-travelled look. Or maybe it's all the luggage and the dog I've got piled in the back that gave me away. When I told him I was headed to Twin Falls, he lit up and said that the guy he was just talking to had just gotten into town from Twin Falls! 
I didn't say anything, but I wonder if that other guy was also Motel 6 hopping. 
Today, there was no question about my route. I was going to get on the Interstate in Baker City and stay on it for 246 miles until I got to Twin Falls. 

It was quite a change of pace. I listened to music since there was nothing really to look at. I reviewed all of my latest Nia playlists and came to the conclusion that the next one I'm going to learn is Joy. It was the only one I could listen to all the way through without wishing a song was over. I listened to it all the way through, twice, and enjoyed it. So that's a keeper.

Right past the Idaho state line, I stopped at a rest area and gave River lots of time to run around on some nice grass. Then back on the freeway.

It wasn't until we got to Twin Falls, Idaho that things started getting interesting. This is the first thing I saw upon entering the town.
This is a the Snake River running through an impressive gorge.

There was also a cool rock garden in the mall parking lot. Its twin was at another end of the parking lot, but that one had water running over it. This was a dry version.
And we finally came to rest in a good old, familiar, basic blue Motel 6 in Twin Falls, Idaho; one step closer to our ultimate goal of Santa Fe by Friday.


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