Body Tuning for the Masses

If you’ve been living with pain this may be the answer to your problems. If you ever feel like your body is not performing optimally; if you have restricted movements or just feel heavy, lethargic or lacking in energy, this could be just what you needed.  If you want to start taking better care of your body, but don’t know what to do, this course will teach you.  If you like the idea of exercise, but don’t like straining or creating discomfort then what you can learn in this course will be very useful to you. 
For the past month, I’ve been studying this highly effective form of physical therapy that combines art and science. Dr Tatz has created a technique unlike any other.  His combination of many forms of therapy come together as Body Tuning; a technique that he has often lamented is so effective that it costs him money.
If he were more like the medical community, he’d be able to keep his patients sick. He’d get them addicted to treatments like many patients are addicted to medications or chiropractic adjustments. The medical system has people trading one symptom for another, so that they keep coming back and billing their insurance for continued treatment.  Body Tuning fixes people.  So once they’ve completed their series they don’t need to come back.  The effectiveness of his work is also its downfall. 
My mentor, Shmuel Tatz, jokes this way about his problematic situation.  Of course, his main motivation is to make people well. The model of the medical industry, he jokes, is a much better business model.  But he will continue to do what he does, which is not only to fix people, but to educate them on how to actively participate in their own healing and how to stay well for their lifetime.  

He says he’d do his work for free if he could be sure all of his bills were paid.  He doesn’t want to live the life of a millionaire, but just to have a modest apartment, eat three meals a day, pay the expenses required to keep his office running and to have enough money leftover to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  If anyone is interested in being a sponsor for Dr. Tatz, please contact him and let him know.  By supplying a grant or monthly endowment that would cover the cost of his simple lifestyle, you would be essentially providing the powerful work of Body Tuning for the large majority of people who need this work but cannot afford it.  You would be directly improving the lives of many needy people. Consider using your money for this highly altruistic venture and contact Shmuel Tatz if you’re interested.
In the meantime, he’ll still be helping erase pain from the bodies of people with the best health insurance and/or the amount of disposable income that would allow them to benefit from Body Tuning at the current rate.
Another way Shmuel wants to bring this work to the public is by offering a course in Body Tuning.  This course, never before offered to the public, will teach a layperson how to perform the basic movements of a Body Tuner and how to treat themselves and their loved ones.  The course will also spend a great deal of time on learning simple movements and exercises that Dr Tatz teaches to his clients.  These simple exercises are the best way to keep your body running smoothly and free of pain and restrictions. 
Before anyone embarks on a program of exercise, they should first make sure that their bodies are properly tuned.  Any abnormality or misalignment will very likely be exacerbated by exercise. Once the alignment is corrected and the body-mechanics are in sync, then exercise can be a helpful thing.
The Body Tuning Course will prepare you for a more vigorous form of exercise should you desire that.  But it will also teach you that you need to do far less work than you may have thought.  If you’re simply concerned with being in good shape and living without pain, then come to Shmuels Tatz’s Body Tuning Course and be delighted to learn how easy and fun it can be.  
This course will meet once weekly for four weeks. Each ninety minute session will devote half to Body Tuning work and the other half to Body Tuning movements.   The cost for the entire course is $100, or you can attend single classes for $30 each. This course will improve your life.  The investment is insignificant considering the value you will get from this material. A session with Shmuel in his office, for this same work, runs $250. The course size is limited to between 8 and 10 students, so register quickly as slots are sure to fill up for this unbelievable opportunity.
Contact me to sign up or for more information.


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