Preventative Health Care

In ancient China, it was the practice to pay your doctor a salary as long as you were healthy. Once you got sick, you stopped paying until your doctor helped get you well again. The incentive was for the health provider to keep you well.

This system of health care makes more sense than what we use now. In our current system, we don’t think about our health care until after something goes wrong. Then we go around paying people until we are well again. We are paying for our sickness, not our wellness.

So, if you really think about it, the medical profession thrives on our being sick. This is backwards thinking. The truth is, if we stayed well, they wouldn’t make any money. So the industry is focused on removing symptoms through medication or surgery, but not on finding a way to prevent or cure the cause of the symptoms.

The treatment of symptoms is a much more lucrative business model. Especially when you consider that most medications come with a pretty hefty list of serious side effects. These side effects can serve to keep us sick, to keep us medicated, and to keep us coming back to the doctor for more help with our symptoms.

As I have been saddened to learn, people are hesitant to pay money for any kind of preventative health care. When was the last time you did something for the purpose of maintaining your health? Not to fix something that has gone wrong, but to ensure continued good health? It’s not very common.

Modern science is pretty clear about the long-term health benefits of eating a diet based on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and lean meats and the health-bringing benefits of getting regular exercise. And yet it is still a minority of people who endeavor to practice both of these most basic health-care modalities.

Also, anyone who participates in any sort of physical activity is at risk of eventually experiencing some kind of pain. Especially if the body mechanics aren’t ideal, which is rare, the repetition of even a slightly misaligned movement will translate into pain down the road. But if any active person had been having regular Body Tuning the pain could have been prevented.

Shmuel Tatz, PhD and Body Tuner with 40 years experience, recommends that any person who is physically active should get their body tuned regularly. “For every hour of activity,” he says, “the body needs about ten minutes of tuning.” So if someone spends five or six hours a week working out, playing tennis, lifting heavy objects, or something physical, then they should ideally get some Body Tuning once a week to prevent the onset on any physical pain.

Someone who is getting regular Body Tuning will be alerted to any anomalies in their body BEFORE they progress to pain. This will not only make their lives more pleasant by being pain-free, but this can also help improve the efficiency and function of whatever they’re doing with their body.

This isn’t the way we’re trained to think, though. Thanks to our, “treat my sickness” approach to health, we wait until there is pain before we address our bodies. The problem with doing it this way is that by the time we can feel the pain, it is an indication that the problem has been going on for months or maybe years. The pain is rarely from a sudden onset, but from the accumulation of improper body mechanics with little or no fine tuning. So, the process of removing the pain is not sudden, either. It requires the Body Tuner to undo the months and years of misuse, so it can be just as gradual as the onset.

Try to treat your body with as much care as you’d treat your car. Most people are pretty good about changing their oil, rotating their tires and getting tune-ups every 10,000 miles or so. They do this before the transmission seizes up, before the tires go flat or before the engine starts making funny noises. So, why is it so unusual to take the same kind of care for your body? If your car is destroyed, you can buy a new one. This isn’t true of your body. You only get one. It is really your single most important possession so it shouldn’t be too hard to prioritize some preventative care. Visit Body Tuning by Shmuel Tatz for your regular tune ups and you will enjoy a lifetime of use out of your body.


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