Same Knee, New Hope

I was fortunate enough to be witness to a wonderful epiphany in a fellow human being today.

I’ve seen this particular man on the treatment table three times in the nine days I’ve been observing Body Tuning in progress. Shmuel will sometimes leave a client in the room with electrical stimulation or ultra sound, or ice, and as the treatment works on one client, he will go into the next room and begin or continue working on someone else. I’ve seen him working on up to four clients at one time.

In some cases, I’ll stay behind and talk to the client about their experience with Shmuel and Body Tuning. Such was the case with this man, who told me something pretty inspiring.

He had had knee surgery back in 1971 and had been in pain ever since. The scars on both of his knees were still plainly visible and Shmuel has been working on the knees aggressively to return proper function and pain free range of motion. The client told me that about a year ago he was told by his doctor that there was no cartilage left in his knee and that the joint was ‘bone on bone.’ You can see in this illustration, how there is supposed to be cartilage and connective tissue called menisci between the bones of a healthy knee to serve as a protective cushioning.

The doctor informed him that recovery was impossible and that he’d either have to live with the ever-increasing pain, or have both of his knees surgically replaced.

Fortunately the man’s wife, who had been in an accident, was seeing great results from Body Tuning and suggested that he give it a try before agreeing to something as drastic as surgery.

Today, on the table, the man told me that he’d been seeing Shmuel twice or three times weekly for about three months and that after the last session with him, he actually felt a bounce in his step. He was walking pain free and this 50 year old man who has hobbled since 1971 told me he felt like he was 25 years old and that he finally actually saw some hope of having his knees back.

He is so grateful that he listened to his wife and found Shmuel, rather than undergo another surgery. Body Tuning saves another person from ‘the knife.’ His exact words were “Shmuel has given me new hope.” I can’t think of a greater gift.


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