Very Rare Opportunity for Extremely Low Cost Body Tuning

I am looking for four lucky people. Anyone in New York with pain in their body that they want help getting rid of is eligible. It would be helpful to have health insurance, but it’s not necessary if you're willing to pay for an office visit.
I want people who are motivated and will follow through with the program they receive. I prefer people who are physically active, or who at least are willing to become physically active. You will receive some excellent treatment and be helping me learn at the same time.

Here's the story...
Shmuel Tatz is a physical therapist PhD who works on Lou Reed and many famous dancers and musicians. And his technique, called Body Tuning, works wonders because it addresses body mechanics, not just manipulating tissues. Check out his website here:

He recently has been kind enough to take me under his wing to teach me his technique of Body Tuning. Up to this point only he and one other guy, who Shmuel trained, are certified to practice Body Tuning. So far I've spent five days in his office just watching him work. It's so amazing to see the way he treats the body. He’s like a specialized craftsman fine-tuning an exquisite instrument.

So now here's what he's doing as part of my training. He wants me to bring in my clients so I can learn Body Tuning by practicing on them.
I’m offering this opportunity to anyone, not just current clients of mine. Although my current clients will get priority if they are interested, I’m really looking for four people who are serious about taking charge of their pain.

You'd go in and have an appointment with Shmuel. (His appointments are $250 each, but most health insurance covers up to 15 physical therapy appointments without a doctors referral.) He’ll tune your body. During your session, I'll be there, too, watching and learning what he does to you, then he'll tell me what I can do on you so that you will receive continuing treatment of his work of Body Tuning, but through me.

I would ask you to pay me for our sessions together, but only on a pay-what-you-can basis. We would most likely work together once or twice weekly for six weeks. But we will go by what Shmuel says and take it from there.

So, I learn, and you heal, we all win.

Please contact me if you are interested. Once I find my four clients, I am closing this offer. Now that I’m spending every morning in his office, my time is at a premium, so I can’t really handle more than four new clients.

Act now and get your body tuned up. Once I become certified the cost for this kind of work will increase many times. This is real valuable work, so I hope you get a chance to experience it.


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