Who is Body Tuning For?

A Body Tuner is well-versed in many different modalities.

For some people, a brief lesson in the Alexander Technique will be just what they need to learn how to carry themselves without creating tension in their neck. For someone else, a few yoga poses would be just exactly what they need to live their lives free of pain. Some folks are going to need some reflexology, while others will benefit from mobilizations. Some clients will find great benefit learning a few of the basic tenets of the work of Moishe Feldenkrais.

The point is that no one modality is good for everyone. It is the work of the Body Tuner to know about all of these techniques and to provide and introduction and, if necessary, some instructions in practicing an appropriate modality.

I have seen Shmuel Tatz give many clients a few exercises to do at home to help with their own healing. Sometimes these exercises resemble yoga, sometimes they appear a great deal like Alexander Technique. He is not giving the same exercises to everyone. In fact, I rarely see him give the same exercise to two different people. His application of the many different practices are precisely based on the specific needs of each person.

Many people will go to a Pilates class or a yoga class and when they come out of the class they may report that they ‘feel better.’ But without specific application of the proper modalities, they are only experiencing a general treatment. In most cases, this will not address the issue in a way that will promote true, permanent change. The permanent changes come from a modality chosen and applied as a direct response to what is going on in the body to create the pain or restriction of movement.

Classes are good. It’s great to feel the joy of movement and to take the initiative to move your body in a loving, mindful way. Dance is therapeutic. But this mostly addresses the psyche, the mind, the spirit, and only addresses the physical body in a general way.

The combination of spirited, mindful movement and appropriate, specifically applied body work modalities is the true prescription for a long, happy, pain-free life. And this is the work of the Body Tuner.

When you come to visit a Body Tuner, you don’t know what you will get. We also don’t know what you will get. We will first touch your body and by listening and being attuned, we will get the message from your body about what it needs. Some bodies say, ‘rub me’ some say ‘I need stretching’ some request better posture, some need more rest... the list goes on and on.

Going to someone who specializes in only one form is the surest way to guarantee that you will receive that kind of attention. A Pilates instructor will give you Pilates, a yoga teacher will teach you yoga, a massage therapist will massage you. Doctors learn the science of medicine, and osteopaths are trained in surgery. Body Tuners can reach into their vast bag of tricks and pick out which modality is most appropriate for your individual situation. And this personalized application is why Body Tuning has such a remarkably high success rate in helping people reduce and eliminate pain and to live long, happy lives filled with easy movement free of discomfort.

Because Body Tuning draws from such a wide array of techniques it is accurate to say that Body Tuning is for every body.


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