Ear Points

Hanging on the wall in one of the treatment rooms at Shmuel Tatz’s is a colorful poster called “Ear Points.”

It shows an ear with the super-imposed image of a human fetus with the head lined up to the earlobe and the legs curled up to comprise the upper portion of the ear. The poster indicates a correlation between all of the body parts (including internal organs) and certain specific points on the ear.

I’ve seen Shmuel occasionally use a small electronic gadget that makes a squeeling sound. When he presses it into spots on the ear it may or may not change the pitch of the sound. He explains, as he uses it on his clients by pressing it into points on the ear, that when he hears the pitch go up high, that’s the indication that he’s on the exact right point and he’ll stay there for a bit. The client, as do all of his clients, end up saying that the pain is gone when Shmuel is finished.

A few days ago I was standing and watching a Body Tuning treatment and my back was feeling slightly achy and painful. If I weren’t in the process of observing, I’d typically lay down and do some mobilization and some stretching to relieve my back, but I felt it would be rude to do that, so I just ignored it. It wasn’t excruciating or debilitating.

Then, my attention was drawn back to that Ear Points poster on the back wall. I wasn’t close enough to see the details, but I remembered the image of the fetus and how it was positioned in the ear. So, imagining the earlobe as the head, I worked my way down the outer edge of my ear (which corresponds to the spine), giving it light pinches as I went. Then, when I got to a place in the middle of the outer edge of my ear, I hit a spot that was very lively. The same pinch I had been giving all along my ear suddenly, in this specific point, felt extremely sensitive. So I stayed on it with consistent pressure despite the slight discomfort.

Much to my amazement, I could feel my back tension melting away. After less than two minutes of attention to that Ear Point, my back felt much better.

If that had been the end of the story, I may not have been so impressed, but it goes a bit further. That night, I was explaining my experience to someone else. In the process of explaining, I was pinching my ear as I had done earlier, to demonstrate what I did. But, to my surprise, I could not find that sensitive area. I could pinch all up and down the outer rim of my ear with no particular pain. Now that my back wasn’t achy, the Ear Point was gone!

My friend told me that he had heard of dentists who don’t use novocaine, but instead apply clothespins to their patients earlobes. I told him how that would make perfect sense because the earlobe corresponds with the head, and therefore, the ‘mouth’ point would be right there.

And this is still not the end of the story.

A few days later, I was experiencing a tightness and discomfort in my knee, so I thought I’d give the Ear Points a try. I was delighted to find there was a particularly sensitive spot in my ear. This time it was higher up on the out edge of the ear. It felt similar to the sensitive spot that helped relieve my back, but it was higher up on the ear - equivalent to where the fetus’ knee would be.

I applied my two minutes of pressure despite the sharp sensation that might otherwise cause me to stop. And, as if by magic, I could start to feel my knee pain dissipate and was finally completely erased.

So, I am a believer. I’d love to hear your stories. If you have pain in your body, start pinching your ear and let me know if you find one of those Ear Points. And, also I’d love to know if applying two minutes of consistent pressure on the point had any effects on easing your tension or discomfort.

So, now, my big question is... why is something as effective and simple as this not more well-known??


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