A MId-Atlantic Day of Surprises

I thought today was going to be an uneventful drive from Edgewood, MD to NYC.  But it turned out to be quite full of surprises.

The first surprise was when I passed a sign pointing to Susquehanna State Park. I made an instant decision to veer off and follow that sign. I'm so glad I did. It was a beautiful park with access to a lazy River, so we pulled off the road and stopped to enjoy the scenery for about an hour.

River played in the water (careful not to get his ears wet) and ran in the mud (he got filthy but was clean somehow by the time we got back in the car), I put River's first dose of Monistat 7 in his ear, and ate some pizza leftover from the night before. We watched a crane catching and eating fish and just generally appreciated life.

Then we got back on the road.
Another surprise was that I was going through Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I spent most of the day in those states, only hitting NYC at the very end. I was disgusted by the roads. I labeled my journey the "Patchwork of Potholes and PotPourri of Poor Conditions."  At one point I was filing a lawsuit in my mind against the state of New Jersey for the damage that I incurred on my car driving on their poorly maintained roads.

And why is the speed limit so low in Penn?  On a major highway, doing 55 seems ridiculous. And clearly the people of Pennsylvania agree with me because no one is obeying the law. And then, when there's road construction, it goes down to 45. So I crawled through PA as quickly as I could.

Then I got to NYC, where it's always an adventure. River seemed to get excited as soon as I was on 42nd St. He wanted to "be a part of it". It took a long time to find a parking space in the UWS neighborhood where I was staying, but with a bit of persistence and a bit of my good parking karma, I eventually found something on 75th St, between Columbus and Amsterdam, which is right around the corner from where I was going!

My host, Michael made me a delicious homemade dinner of pork chops with an italian greens and tomato topping and some polenta. I served up some fermented beets and celery and enjoyed the first home cooked meal I've had since leaving Seattle over a month ago.

 I'll be here in NYC for a few days, but taking some day trips to teach classes in neighboring communities. I'll blog those separately.

One of the first things I did when settled into the city was to call a local vet and make an appointment for them to look at River's ear. I warned them that he's very nervous and they'll have a private entrance and a muzzle ready.  He's still itching at it, and whenever I look in there, I see that it's very red and sometimes even bloody. So I hope they can give me something that will take care of it pretty quick and painlessly.


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