Summer Storm in Indiana

I started this morning on a high note: waking up with the sun on a massage table in a healing and movement arts studio.

I had my coffee there in the space and was just driving out as the first teacher of the morning showed up for her class.

Before my appointment with Mini, I had enough time to re-stock on River's food at Petco and refill with water, this time at Walmart in the hopes of a better situation than at Kroger. Alas, this Walmart was similar to the Kroger stores in that I had to wait in the cashier line to pay my 37 cents. If I wanted a Pepsi, I would be able to get those outside in a machine. Also if I wanted a DVD or to refill my propane, I could do that outside the building. But for water, I have to go the center of aisle 3 and wait in the shortest line I can find.

When I got to Mini I let them know that, as luck would have it, my service light went on that morning. So if they had the time, they could take care of that and save me a trip later down the road. They were able to do that for me. River and I hung out in the lounge until the television and air conditioning drove us outside. We played around outside until the heat and poor air quality drove us back inside.
Finally, they were done and we paid and hit the road.
US-33, US-224, US-30, I-65, I-94, US-6, US-34

I thought it was going to be a basic drive. I was going to cut through Indiana on my way from Columbus to Chicago. But Indiana bitch slapped me as I passed through and said, "oh no you don't!"

It started out fine. We stopped in a place called Fireman's Park and had some exercise and a stretch in the shade. 

Further down the road, River was gazing lazily out the back window as I drove through the heat. 

It was hot and sunny all morning and most of the day. And in fact, when we were in Markle, I had one of those weather related moments when I thought, 'why does anyone live here?' And very suddenly, the sky got dark and the lightning started. Almost immediately, I found that a road was marked as No Outlet and For Local Traffic Only. Bridge Out Ahead. As I floundered to find a detour, since my Mini Nav was unable to receive traffic information in that location, the wind started up furiously.  I was seeing lightning every few seconds, and it didn't seem far away. It was on both sides of me. 
I drove in a general north westerly direction, knowing it would get me closer to my goal. Finally, Mini calibrated and I was in business again. 
Except by this time the rain had started. Zero visibility rain and me on a farm road with no place to turn off. I turned on my hazard blinker and kept going. At times I wondered if my windshield wipers, which had JUST been replaced by Mini, were working at all. They were, but the rain was too fast for them.
It takes a lot to shake me. I'm pretty optimistic and confident, but I was worried for a while that I wasn't going to make it to Chicago. I wish I could have taken a video or at least a photo of what it was like, but driving through it was foolhardy enough! I don't need to be messing with my camera at the same time. Once it settled down to manageable proportions I did snap this one, which looks placid by comparison.

Within two minutes of my taking this photo, the skies were clear and it was soon hot and muggy again. 

The first evidence that I had made it to Chicagoland was a sign welcoming me to South Holland. The sign also boasted "Voted the most liveable city in Chicagoland."  I was surprised that I was already there, when my navigation showed that I wasn't due to arrive at my destination for well over another 90 minutes. 

But that indeed turned out to be the case. And not because I hit heavy traffic, but because I didn't take the toll roads. And Chicago metro area is vast and spread out, like Los Angeles. 

I got to my motel room and wanted to find an interesting restaurant that would deliver to my room. I had had my fill of driving today. But I couldn't find anyone to deliver, so I had to go pick up a burrito for El Burrito Loco. It turned out to be quite a delicious burrito with steak "Tampiqueña". The guacamole was good and fresh and there was no rice. That's a good thing in my book. 

I'm glad to be here.  And I'm also glad to gain and extra hour on this, the longest day of the year.

Happy Summer!! 


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