Pennsylvania to Ohio

I woke up early to prepare for a long, possibly dangerous drive. My plans included driving about five hours to teach a playshop and Nia class.
US-22, I-70

I prepared for the day in the usual manner except that I also inspected Babe's left rear tire and found it visibly flabby and with a screw in it. Phillips head. It wasn't fully deflated, so I could drive on it, which I did to the nearest gas station. I found one that had an air hose and filled it up.

It stayed at the proper air pressure for about an hour and then I got a warning that it was low again. So I stopped again, half way to my destination and over inflated it this time, so I could get more drive time out of it.

Something exciting happened just about the time I got the low tire pressure warning. My trip odometer turned over!
Sorry, it's blurry. I was watching the road.
you can see my low air pressure warnings in orange.
the trip odometer is in the lower right corner
it reads 9999.9
The total mileage on the car reads 37697
above the red line is the date 06/18/16

So that means that since I left home on April 30, I have logged over 10,000 miles. So far I've been out seven weeks, and this is a five month trip, so I'm about a third of the way through it. This poor car. I put her through so much. I'm happy to get away with just a screw in the tire once or twice.

In the meantime, we didn't forget to stop and enjoy life. I passed by Piedmont Lake and it looked like we could get good access so I couldn't resist stopping to check it out.

Today, I was surprised that I drove through West Virginia. I didn't realize it had that peninsula-like appendage on the north.  I'm not going to include it in this map of places I've been to so far on this trip. Similar to New Mexico, I may have driven through, and even stopped to get gas or play in a park. But if I didn't really stay there for any length of time, to sleep or to work, I'm not counting it as a visit for my purposes.

Last night I watched a little bit of television before going to bed. One of the things I saw was about this giant basket shaped building. The blurb I saw said it was build by a big basket company that was doing well at the time, but since then have cut production and staff by about 80%. So now the monstrous basket is largely wasted space and they're looking to sell it. But nobody wants to buy a big basket. Anyway, I thought it was a random story.

And today, I hadn't thought again about the basket, and probably never would have if I hadn't driven by the building today!
giant basket in Newark, OH

We arrived at the Mandala Center in plenty of time for both of us to eat and then made our way into the building, where a crowd had been gathering. We had a very brief (half hour) mini FreeDance Playshop as a precursor to the Woodstock Experience routine. And WOW, did they take to the Anything Goes focus of the routine. It was so much fun, and on rare moments we were doing movements in unison, but those were quickly broken up by me or someone else in the group deciding to do something else. It was truly about as FreeDance as you can get within the context of a classic Nia routine.

After class, I tried to rush off to Mini of Dublin. Not in Ireland, but the suburb of Columbus by the same name. It was fruitless in that I wasn't able to catch anyone from service before quitting time, but it was helpful in that I was able to be sure they have my tire in stock and reserve it with my name on it for Monday.

I could maybe have gone to another tire shop to get it fixed, but I want to stay within the Mini family, since I'm under warranty and a maintenance agreement. They're closed on Sunday so my appointment is for Monday morning.

While I was rushing around after class, River remained supremely calm.

I had intended to leave for Chicago and spend the next two days there, but alas, this is more pressing, so I will change my plans and stay in Columbus until the tire is replaced. I'll leave for Chicago right from Mini of Dublin on Monday. It was a good thing that my next class, in Chicago, wasn't until Tuesday morning.

My producer, Trish, was kind enough to offer that River and I could sleep in the studio on Sunday so that I could save money on the motel room. I'm thinking I'll take her up on that offer. It might be a different kind of adventure to sleep in the Mandala Center for Movement Arts.


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