Healing in Ohio

As I sat down to write this, I had to take a moment and enjoy the sheer pleasure of sitting in this chair! I'm at the Mandala Center for Movement Arts and using Trish's desk. I'm more used to cramped conditions and makeshift workstations and/or sitting in my car. Unlike any of those things, this chair seat tilts forward so that my pelvis tilts forward and allows my spine to enjoy all its natural curves. It felt so good I just sat here and felt so good that both of my fists made it up in the air above my head without my even doing it. The pleasure itself rose my arms.

Here is the wood screw that has entered into my life. I'm going to call him Chip. 

Because of Chip, I decided to stay in Columbus rather than continue onto Chicago. By sheer luck, I happened to have two days free scheduled for Chicago. But I didn't feel comfortable driving there with Chip along, so I am staying here.

Today started with a search for water. I was hoping to find a dispenser that I could use coins in, but the only places I was finding required going into the Kroger store, filling up, and then waiting in line to pay the cashier thirty nine cents. I hate to do it that way because I leave River in the car.  I try to find shaded parking if I can, and I make sure that the air conditioner has the car cool before I stop. I leave the windows half open to he can stick his head out but he can't get out. He oftentimes will bark when I do this, so it's good to hear that he's still alive while I'm in the store. 

After getting water, I went to get some barbeque from a chain called City Barbeque. I'll add that to my Burger & BBQ blog. I ate on the tailgate of Babe while River politely watched and pretended not to. 

We found a park called the Highbanks Metro Park. It's a really cool, big, park with vast expanses of nature and several trails and picnic areas and grassy places to play.  Some places had jungle gyms and others had workout stations. The maps shows that it runs alongside a river, but I never saw any sign of it in the park. 
We met Trish in the park. She came to hand me the key to the studio. And she also gave me some more money. Once she had gone back to do the books, she found out that the head count didn't match the income, so some people had snuck in without paying! (I'm secretly celebrating another notch in my belt for the Woodstock Experience). She also felt she wanted to help assuage my tire woes, so she 'rounded up' and gave me a generous tip, as well. 

As it turns out, I think Chip will be good for me. I needed a day to sit in a nice chair and a night to sleep in a healing environment. Mentally, I was able to relax today. I didn't have to drive or teach. I had the bulk of the day to 'be' at the park. River and I spent very long moments sitting in many different places. We went for short walks, but it was mostly about NOT moving today. I stood most of the time, but I sat on a rock for a while and at a picnic table for a while. There was a nice breeze and low humidity. It was in the high 80's and very comfortable. I was so relaxed.

Through the glass door of this office, I can see that the sun has set and the light almost gone from the sky. There are fireflies dancing on the small lawn out front. With a lingering essential oil scent and signs on the wall reminding me to breathe and count my blessings, and with a massage table to sleep on, I think we'll have a nice night here.


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