To Virginia, via Durham

I woke up in Charlotte and took off in plenty of time to be in Durham an hour before class was to begin. It was a quick 2 hours on I-85.

I got to Durham with the hour to spare and had a check I needed to mail to my producer from Charlotte, so I stopped at the Post Office.

I was aware that it was hot and River was in the car, so I only waited in the molasses moving line for about fifteen minutes, before giving up and going back to the car. I'll mail it later.

We got to the studio and it looked dauntingly small. Considering we were supposed to be in Studio B, it was especially daunting to think that at least two studio were in that small building. I waited outside with River for a long time. The building I thought was the studio is in the upper left corner.

Finally a student came driving up, seeming lost. She spotted my tie died shorts and asked me about the class. We eventually figured out that there were TWO buildings for the American Dance Festival and we were at the wrong one. The correct one was two doors down.  It was much bigger and nicer.

We had a great class. They dressed to the hilt in Woodstock garb and took me to new places once again. I couldn't get the Spiral of Love started, but by that time the chaos was so deliciously wild that I didn't want to organize it again. One woman was standing right near the speakers during Ravi Shankar. She loved that part!  In the midst of all the chaos an elderly couple were slow-dancing. A man had wandered in and joined us!! He didn't pay! Another notch in my Woodstock Experience belt.

Afterwards my producers, Haven and Kate, bought me some fish tacos at a place called the Mad Hatter. River was jumpy. He got set off when a homeless guy came over to ask us all for some money. River didn't like him at all. We got him to take our picture though.

And he jumped at two other people during lunch. I think it may have had to do with the fact that we were at a center table. I didn't think of putting him near a wall like I usually do because I was more concerned about being shaded from the hot sun.

After lunch we drove to Harrisonburg. We stopped to get gas in a town called South Boston, just past the Virginia state line. I fed River on the grass there.

At some point in Virginia, my Mini Nav directed me onto an unpaved road. She does that occasionally. Sometimes I'm on them for hours and it get's annoying after a while. I didn't know how long I was going to be on this road, but it turned out only to be about four miles.

When we got to the motel, River got to run around on a HUGE lawn they have outside.

 I let him go for a good hour, even though I was hungry and craving Mexican food since seeing the nearby Mexican restaurant.
Alas, I missed the closing time at the Mexican restaurant by 15 minutes. But there's a local pizza place open til eleven, so at least I don't have to stoop to Domino's tonight. It's only a bit after 9:00pm, but I have very few choices here.

This place, Anthony's Campus Pizza, seems to be run by a Chinese guy. The menu featured something unique, which will usually entice me. I tried the Sweet and Sour Chicken Pizza. Wow. It was a strange combination indeed. The specialty pizzas only come in large, so I have a lot of it.

It's a good thing I have a refrigerator in this room. Although, I'm not sure I'm going to want to finish it. First of all, the combination of pizza dough, sauce and cheese with the sweet and sour sauce doesn't come together right for me. And there was way too much garlic in the sauce.  It should blend with the gestault of the flavor, not be so far upfront. And the sweetness was not in the least bit subtle. I think he could turn that down a notch.

The crust was good if you like the thick doughy kind of crust. I don't. That's what I think makes pizza into junk. I like a thin and crispy crust.

I had it with some of my fermented carrots and jalapenos and some fermented cucumbers. My vegetables are holding up remarkably well, but I'm almost running out and I haven't started any new jars. I don't have a vegetable peeler or a cutting board. But I'm going to be staying with a friend in his apartment next week, so I plan to get some new jars started then.


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