Embracing My Weirdness

J P Sears is a YouTube personality. I consider him a mentor of mine even though we've never met because I faithfully watch his videos and get inspired by his thoughtful insights.

He is a satirist, so he uses humor to make his very powerful points and cultural comments. His messages speak strongly to me. He uses a character that he calls 'His Enlightenedness -The Ultra Spiritual J P Sears'. If you don't think that's funny then maybe you won't appreciate his humor.

But as I said, through the humor Sears makes very deep and thought provoking observations. Today I saw his post of a TedTalk he gave called Embracing Your Inner Weirdness. It was eye-opening to me and gave me a different perspective. He offered a yardstick to measure my own spiritual fortitude, and I'm afraid I came up a little bit shorter than I had hoped and expected....

Let me explain

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Here is J P Sears' serious website.

And here is a link to his funny YouTube channel.  I hope you enjoy him as I do. Not everyone seems to get it. But that's just because they're not Ultra Spiritual. ;)


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