Evansville to Mason - Nia in Louisville

The sky this morning was a familiar patchwork of blue, white and steel grey. It reminded me of typical Seattle skies and felt nice and comforting. I took River for a long walk around the property in Evansville first thing in the morning. I also made myself a pot of coffee in my mini French press using my incredibly handy electric water kettle. Unbeknownst to me, it would be my last cup made in this convenient way. More on that, later.

I stayed in the motel room all the up until checkout time, because I had six hours to fill and only a 90 minute drive ahead of me. Even though I was going to drive into the Eastern Time Zone from Central and lose an hour, I still had a lot of time to waste.

So I stopped at the nearest rest area and River and I hung out there for about three hours. At one point, while we stayed under the picnic shelter, the sky opened up and pour a torrent down upon us; It was gorgeous. I had left my car windows open, so River and I ran through the downpour to Babe and I rolled the windows up and then we ran back to the picnic shelter. 

Finally it was time to head to Louisville for 
Nia at Shine.

I arrived early and met my host, Maria, who had set up a beautiful room in a cool old building filled with arts. There was a full house and we rocked the place.
After class,  a student had a dinner at her house. She had made two kinds of lasagne, a salad and bread and some brownies for desert. I tried to keep River in the back yard or in the mudroom, but he figured out how the dog door worked so he kept making it back in the house. Finally, I relented and let him lie at my feet as we ate.

After dinner I drove another hour and a half to Mason where my motel was reserved for me. I checked in and crashed as soon as we were in the room.

The next morning, I went to make my coffee and the electric kettle didn't turn on. I tried other sockets, but I couldn't get the blue light to come on. I sadly had to accept that I was not going to be making my coffee in the room this morning. This kettle was one of the most precious material items of all of road trip luggage/paraphernalia. I guess this means I'll either have to start stopping at Starbucks (shudder) or finding local coffee shops every morning (cringe and shudder) or go to the store and find another electric kettle.


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