Omaha to St. Paul - Nia in Minneapolis

Google had suggested two ways to get from Omaha to St. Paul; both of them right angles. One was through Des Moines and the other was through Sioux Falls. I was planning to take the Sioux Falls route, but Mini had a different idea, so we went diagonally through Iowa, taking US Highways instead of Interstates.
I drove by a lot of corn.
And places like 
Vail: A Little Town With a Big Heart 
Lake City: Everything Except a Lake. 
We stopped about halfway through the five hour drive to eat some lunch near some corn.

It was my least favorite kind of day. When I wake up in one city and have to drive a long distance to another city and teach a class that night. This was a 7:30 pm class so it gave me a long time. And I hit no traffic or mishaps, so I had enough time to check into the motel, and feed River before heading back out to class. There was a touch of city rush hour traffic, but I allowed for that and was fine.

 The Center for Performing Arts is a cool, artsy old building with lots of activity. We were in the sunroom, with all the windows. Once again, my camera aiming isn't too swift, but you can get an idea of how much fun we had.

We were going to stop for some tapas after class, but we took too long getting out of the studio and by the time we got to the restaurant, they were closing up the outdoor seating. So we hugged and parted ways. I had my dinner in the motel room and went to bed.


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