Nia in Columbus

This is the first time it has happened this whole year, but this morning, I was awakened by a knock on the door that set River into panicked barking. I leapt out of bed and informed the housekeeper that I didn't need any service today. In broken English, I think he tried explaining to me that there is a Do Not Disturb sign for hanging on the doorknob. I did and it seemed to satisfy him. 

I made my coffee using my brand new electric kettle. It was great. I don't miss the old one at all. This one is more compact and easier to load and pack, so I'm thrilled for the change. 

I had much of the day for lazing, so River and I spent some time on the lawn outside, and hanging out like hermits inside.

I had a Nia class tonight at Mandala Center for Movement Arts but it wasn't until 7pm so I had lots of time. I went to Bexley Natural Market where I got some organic produce and healthy foodstuffs, but I forgot to fill up my water jugs, even though it was a perfect opportunity as they had a filtered water dispenser on site. I didn't remember until I was half way to the pet food store, theDogWorks/Cats2.  I got River some frozen food. I had to select an unfamiliar brand, since they didn't have anything I recognized. The woman noticed that the Best By date was April 2017, so she gave me a thirty percent discount. She explained that she was phasing out raw food, and I told her that was a shame because it was the only diet that's good for dogs. She agreed, but had to supply what the customers would buy. We both shook our heads solemnly for the poor uneducated people of Bexley, feeding grains to their dogs. 
I still have the better part of one gallon of filtered water left, so I should be OK for today, but I do need to keep any eye peeled for locations to refill. 
Around 5:45, I fed River his dinner and since I noticed he was being bitten by bugs, I thought I should give him a vinegar bath. That's heavy diluted vinegar in warm water. It just makes him unattractive to bugs, it doesn't do anything for the bites he already has. 
After that, I took a shower and headed off to class. 
The Columbus group at Mandala Center are fun to move with. They're not the most exuberant, but they can pack a room and fill it with dance. We had a great time moving our centers.
They are also a particularly generous group. I was told that one dancer who couldn't make it still insisted she pay for the event because she liked me last year. And that several of the people who did come wouldn't accept their change back and wanted to pay a full $20 rather than the set price. 
Trish supplied water bottles and tangelos for everyone. 
This is the place last year, when I had gotten a nail in my tire and had to stay in Columbus unexpectedly, that let me sleep in the studio on the massage table rather than scramble to find another hotel in the middle of the night. 
It's an all around good feeling place.
I stopped at a Kroeger on the way home and filled up my water jugs with filtered water and when I was back in my motel room, dined on a ham and cheese sandwich and hearty tomato soup and some fermented beets. I also had some Simple Truth Organic Breakfast Cookies (blueberry) before turning in.
I have a long drive tomorrow, so I want to bed down early and get an early start.


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