Attalla to Ocean Springs - Nia in Cullman

I got up early so I could make it an hour away to Cullman where I was due at 10am. Instead of a Nia routine, Ann elected for me to do a repeat of the FreeDance Playshop at Cullman Civic Center.
I was there in plenty of time to let River get some running around on the grass and he was perfectly patient while we did our thing. It was another concrete floor here. This one was covered with faux wood laminate. I was keeping it really low key today, though. It wasn't about getting a workout, but I wanted to understand what prevented the group from dancing freely so that I could help them do so.
It was an enlightening 90 minutes as we discussed what we thought FreeDance was and what it really is and what some of the benefits are. And then we discussed all the things that stopped them. And then, one by one we addressed all the issues and turned them into FreeDancing Warriors!!
It is always such a pleasure to teach this work. My favorite part is to watch the group gradually and steadily get more and more daring, confident, creative and joyful.
After class we went over to our sandwich haunt, Berkley Bob's and Ann got me a Reuben panini. Several of the students joined us and we sat and talked for at least an hour before I hit the road for the beach.

I had scheduled myself a couple of days to enjoy the Gulf coast. I was particularly impressed with the coast of Mississippi last year so this year, I'm headed back.
I have a two day stay at a Studio 6 at Ocean Springs, MS.
Studio 6 is like a Motel 6 only they have kitchens.

The drive was pretty but long. Along the way, I drove my gas tank to absolute zero. I have a meter that tells me how many miles I have left in my tank and I timed it so that I'd have about twenty miles in the tank as I pulled in to fill up at a Chevron I had entered in my Nav.

I get to the station and Babe is panicked. She's showing me the large gas icon and a triangle around and exclamation point and it had been a while since I saw the big message saying "29 Mile Range". By the time I got to the station, I was at about 10 miles left. So, since I get around 40 miles per gallon, that means Babe had about a quart of petrol.

I notice that it's full service, but no one comes up and there are a bunch of guys in greasy overalls leaning on a truck having a meeting. So I get out and approach the guys, when one of them says "They closed."

Oh no, I thought. And I asked them where the nearest gas station was. He gave me directions and I took off again with my quart of gas, to look for an open gas station. I passed several that were closed and some that were abandoned. I searched my Nav and found another Chevron, but it was 7 miles away and I had 9 left in the tank.

I drove very economically. People were upset that I was doing the speed limit, but I know that when I press on that gas pedal, the number of miles drops more quickly, and I couldn't afford any miles right now. Once I get to below 7 miles in the tank, the gas seems to be burning more quickly. I see that the miles in the tank is starting to fall below the number of miles to the gas station and I coast as much as I can.

When I'm less than half a mile from the gas station, the meter reads 0.0 miles. And then as I roll down the road the display is replaced by three dashes ---. I drive several blocks this way and even stop in the road to wait for an opening into the station. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to accelerate again, but I was. I guess I defied the laws of physics by driving a car with no gas.

I made it to the pump and filled up again.

It was dark before I got into Ocean Springs so I still don't really know what it looks like here. Tomorrow I'll shop and check things out. Now I need some sleep.


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