Nia in San Antonio

Today was all about Nia at Synergy Studio. It started early in the morning with me teaching my Amazing routine. Adelle was there to show me how to turn on the stereo and introduce me to the group, and I took it from there.

I didn't really look over my music for this routine. I trusted that it was in my body and that I could be int he moment. I've taught the routine probably about 70 times at least. And it turned out I was right. I knew all my cues and the class went very smoothly. It seemed like everyone had a great time.

I hope I didn't destroy the microphone. About three quarters of the way through class, I started hearing a lot of static interference and then I eventually took the microphone off and went without it. Adelle told me afterward that my sweat was making the mic short circuit. She said then next time I taught that I should use the plastic sweat guard to protect the equipment. 
Then I came back to the motel and eat, fed River and chilled. I looked at some websites to refresh my understanding of the concepts of Yin and Yang for the playshop I was going to teach that evening...
Adelle had taken off for Portland to be with the Black Belts training there, so I had Joanie to introduce me. She didn't stay for class so it was me and the students. We talked about Yin and Yang and then we danced them. And then we played around with adding Yin to Yang movements and vice versa. I showed the students how, when they go to class and they want to get a certain type of experience, they can get it, no matter what the teacher's energy is. I showed them ways to increase or decrease the Yin and Yang so that they could find the perfect balance for themselves. 

There was a bit of a mix-up with scheduling, so the last half hour of my playshop overlapped with a yoga class that wanted to start. So we, in the true spirit of Yin, moved to the lobby, where we continued our discussion for another ten minutes until the other studio was open, and then we moved in there. Funny enough, the interruption turned out to be a perfect opportunity to practice what we were learning, so we all appreciated it and went with it. 

Once in the smaller room, I did some choreography and offered them the task of adjusting to suit their needs and afterward we talked about where we found Yin and/or Yang in the movements and what we did or could have done to adjust. 

I feel like we got a lot of good work done, and a quick poll of the students confirmed that they all seemed to get something of value from the two hours. On my drive home, I noticed that I felt particularly nourished and pleasant. It was a good day.

I fed River the rest of his raw lamb and then made my own dinner. As I type this, River is destroying the package that my sweet potato soup came in. After he's done, we'll go take a post-prandial constitutional and then I'll lie down in repose. 


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