Norcross to Attalla

I had today off from teaching so I could drive leisurely and I didn't have to shower or worry about staying clean. But it was a short drive and I crossed from the Eastern to Central Time Zones, so I had a lot of time to kill before I could check in at Attalla.

I took the scenic route through Northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama. A lot of it was quite picturesque with lots of tree-lined rolling hills. I opted to stay off the Interstate in favor of the local roads and US Highways which tend to go through a lot more rural areas.

I don't remember the name of the town, but I stopped for a rest at a shopping center that had a lot of grass out front. I ran around a little bit with River, using his rope chew toy until he was exhausted and plopped down on the grass, panting.

I took that opportunity to grab one of my pre-made salami sandwiches and eat that on the grass in front of Ruby Tuesdays.

We drove another half hour or so and then stopped again to buy some dog food at Petco. We spent another hour lounging on the grass that surrounded that shopping center until it was just about time to head to the motel and check in.

I'm happy at this motel as I have a window that opens with a screen. It's actually a rarity to have access to fresh air in these rooms, and I relish it when I do. Even though it's right on a highway, I'm still much happier to have the highway noise than to suffer in the stale air of a motel room. I also have a microwave, a refrigerator and free wi-fi in this room. So I couldn't be more content.

Not to mention, I have the entire evening free with no obligations until the morning, so I can catch up on my correspondences and blogging. And with this, I'm officially caught up.

I didn't take any pictures today. Sorry.


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