Sandston to Charlotte - Nia in Charlotte

It was a lovely day today. It started with a long drive to Charlotte. I had a class that evening, so I didnt' dawdle. I stopped only to get gas and to eat some beef jerky and let River visit the grass. Otherwise, I drove five hours straight through. 

I made it to Charlotte, despite several detours for road closures and one really bad accident, in enough time to check into the motel room before class. I had some soup, as I actually had a couple of hours before I had to leave. I laid down for a while, and then took River our for a long walk and his afternoon feeding. Then I took a shower and drove down to the studio.

Move Studio was in a building behind a construction site, so I got a bit worried when I first drove up and the building my Nav was guiding me to was demolished. I was going to pull further into the parking area to call Sherrie, my host, when I saw a beautiful sight; the Move Studio sign in another building set back from the street. Whew. I went in, greeted some of the students and teachers there and loaded in for class.
Unfortunately, I did it again. I set up my computer on River's cage, but I never pressed RECORD, so I have no footage. But again, you'll have to rely on my picturesque description. It was a nice size room with soft but adequate lighting and a big mirrored wall in front. I wore my red shiny rock and roll pants and there were maybe 20 students in class.
I have been having a heck of a time getting all my cues in two songs of this routine in particular. One of them is called To Let Myself Go. And today was a red-letter day for me as I hit all of my cues in To Let Myself Go. It's such a great song and it works really well when I hit the cues. The cues are subtle in the song, so it's not glaringly bad if I miss them, but when I do, the subtlety works in its favor.
After class Sherrie and I and some of the students went to a nearby cafe and Sherrie bought me a nice hot dinner. I had an omelette; just earlier I was thinking about how I miss having eggs while I'm on the road. It was delicious with chicken sausage, jalapeƱos and beans and cheese, and it came with greasy sweet potato home fries. So good!

I stopped at the local Harris Teeter grocery store on my way back to my room. It was almost 10:30 and I knew it was open until 11 and had at least a smattering of organic things. As I drove through downtown, I must've timed it just as an event was letting out at the arena, because traffic was super thick for a few blocks and everyone was going in the same direction. There was also a lot of very excited pedestrians.

I stocked up and brought everything back and immediately opened up the trail mix and started pigging out. I'm now listening to Rock and Roll music in preparation for teaching a JAG Vintage routine, "Rockin", tomorrow in South Carolina.


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