Nia in Richmond

 I got to sleep in a little bit and not worry about driving at all today, except to teach a Nia class and playshop at ACAC
There was only one student in the class who knew the Fantasia routine, but it didn't seem to stop the rest of the twenty-plus people from enjoying it. We heated up that room, despite the A/C being set to a frigid 67.

This was the second place I taught this routine in that didn't have one channel coming through the sound system. So in the lovely Bowie-Bowie duet in Space Oddity, we only hear the harmony parts and not the main melody. And during the countdown to lift-off, we only hear the countdown, not the song being sung.

After class I ran River out to the grass for a quick pee and then back into the room for a two hour playshop on the Martial Arts of Nia.
We were all surprised at the number of students in attendance in the Martial Arts workshop. It being Labor Day Weekend and all. But we had 16 people.
I spoke about the three marital arts, Tai Chi, AiKiDo and TaeKwonDo and how they contributed to and influenced Nia. We did specific exercises to embody each of the different energies. We practiced some of the movements specifically, Knee Sweep, Kicks, Blocks, Punches, Strikes, Chops, and Turn/Return. Then we put on some music and danced our new embodied knowledge.
We originally switched rooms from the room we did class in because the air conditioning was so cold, but by the end of the Martial Arts Playshop, we had that MindBody room heated!

I had the computer set up on River's crate, and I had iMovie open, ready to record, but I forgot to start recording, so I have no record of any of this. You'll just have to trust me that we had a great time.

I took River on a long walk down the street when we got back to the motel. We ran, actually. He was really good at not getting too far ahead of me, even though he obviously had a lot of energy to burn up. We stayed out for a while and ran a lot. And we both slept well.


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