Shopping in Farmington and Navajo Lake State Park

Today is another day without obligation and no relocating. I started the day by stocking up again at Natural Grocers and then coming back to the room to eat breakfast.

Through experimentation, I learned that if you add Italian sausage to tomato bisque, you get something akin to pizza soup.  Yum!

Then, the plan for today was to visit Navajo Lake State Park. I'm not sure the place we ended up going was technically allowed.  The hill we climbed down to reach the beach was very steep and rocky and we both lost our footing a few times on the way down. It wasn't until we were finished thoroughly exploring the lakeshore that we noticed the staircase, which would have been a much easy way to get down, though not nearly as fun. 

Yesterday, I thought I heard Babe give me the sound she gives when I'm low on gas. But I wasn't low on gas, so I thought maybe I had imagined it.  But then I heard it again today and couldn't tell why.  Both times it occurred just as I was starting the car. So the third time I started the car and heard the tone again, I noticed that the "Time For Service" light was on. It's the reminder that it is time to take her into Mini for her regular scheduled maintenance.

There is a Mini dealer in Santa Fe and I have all of Thursday off when I"m there, so it works out perfectly (once again) that I have time and there is a nearby facility whenever I'm having car issues. So I made an appointment for Thursday morning.

I'm starting to feel that dried out feeling I get in the desert. My nose feels raw and like I need to blow it; and when I do, blood comes out. I think I'll give myself a full body coconut oil rub tonight, including the inside of my nose.


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