Buy This Apartment

I made a quick video tour of our apartment which goes up for sale on March 1.
It’s just a quick video; nothing fancy.  You really need to come by and see it to get a feeling for how charming it is.

A penthouse duplex in an elevator building with a security door that requires a secret code for entry after 11pm. The listing price is $645,000.
One thing I neglected to show in the video is the spectacular view of Manhattan.  From the living room and from the roof-deck you’re facing uptown and have a skyline view of the AOL/Time Warner Center, the Hearst Building, World Wide Plaza Buildings, The New Times Building and many other prominent skyscrapers. 

From the privacy of the roof deck, you can see the changing colors on the Empire State Building, watch fireworks over Central Park or over the Hudson River, and see the ball drop and the confetti rise up over Times Square. 


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