Energy Flow Vibration Exercises

Your brain is your key to health. These exercises are meant to be practiced with a mental focus on your body’s energy. This is truly a mind-body connection exercise. 
Energy Flow Vibration uncovers your tremendous natural power to create, to heal and to love. Health is created by enhancing energy flow in the body. Here are some basic exercises you can do at home to improve your brain health.  These are just meant to be a sample of the types of things you can do. Feel free to come up with your own or to spend a lot more time on the ones I’m showing. 
Practice them with mindful and grand intentions that you are transforming yourself. Don’t just go through the motions of the exercises. Without this mindset, they won’t be as effective. Hold a very detailed picture in your mind, of “Yourself As You Would Like To Be.”
Everyone’s mind is a little bit different, so you’ll eventually find the groove that works best for you, but follow these guidelines to get you started:
Bigger Isn’t Always Better - the energy is the focus, not the movement.
Practice Anytime, For As Long As You Want - recommended daily: ten sessions of ten minutes each. But whatever you can do and whenever you can do it, is appropriate. 
Be Aware Of Your Surroundings - notice that you get different effects in different environments. 
Be Confident - focus on yourself and you will be right
Use Music If You Want - but beware of letting the music drive the beat. Your body’s energy should set the beat. 
Send a Positive Message To Yourself - focus on and/or repeat a healing thought
Sometimes as your physical blockages are tapped into, it may release bad energy in the form of body aches or colds or heaviness or fatigue. This is not unusual. It is temporary and should not be discouraging. 
Follow this sequence in all of the movements in your practice:
Deliberately Make Vibrations in Your Body - imagine that you are shaking off all of your life’s complications and releasing tension in your body. 
Let Your Whole Body Ride the Rhythm - Allow the vibration to be subtle and spread throughout your body. You may start making spontaneous, healing movements
Follow The Flow of Energy - At some point you will notice a renewed burst of vigor and your movements will become bigger and more free. Your body’s healing process has just been unleashed and you will notice that you start to assume healing postures unique for your needs.
Maintain Healthy Brain Waves - similar to meditation and biofeedback, medically beneficial Alpha and Theta waves
Manage Stress
Activate All Parts of Your Brain
Develop Positive Habits - this practice can assist your brain in remaining pliable and open to change
Create Happiness - you’ll return to a simple state of being
Restore a Healthy Energy Flow in the Body 
Expand Your Awareness - of yourself and of the universe

Like a surfer rides the ocean, so you should approach the work of your Energy Flow. He must wipe out a hundred times to get that one good ride. But each wipe out is a lesson about balance and each lesson brings him one step closer to mastery. This is how you approach the work of living in and exploring and healing your body. 

This work was inspired during the time I spent as a Body Tuning apprentice with Dr Shmuel Tatz, creator of Body Tuning. One day he handed me a book that one of his patients had lent to him. He asked me to look at it and tell him if I saw anything in it that would be useful to us as Body Tuners. 
There was enough good information from the book about how our minds control our bodies and how techniques that relax the mind will also ease pain and tension from the body. And there were enough exercises in the book that I could make a short demonstrational video. 
But there was nothing in the book that I could bring back to the doctor.  There was nothing in the book that a Body Tuner isn’t already using. Body Tuning draws from everything. It is not a ‘technique.’  The concept of technique is limiting in and of itself. It binds the practitioner to a certain way of practicing. A Body Tuner listens to the body and responds to its needs; whatever that may be.  
If you go to a chiropractor, you can bet you’re going to get chiropractic care. Just as you would expect to be Rolfed if you went to a Rolfer or operated on if you sought the advice of a surgeon. But if you visit a Body Tuner, you will only get what is right for your body at the time. 
You may have three consecutive visits to a Body Tuner for the same issue, but have three completely different treatments. The treatments depend on your current condition, which is hopefully changing with each visit.
The reason Body Tuning is so effective, is also a major reason why it is so hard to describe.  Because there is no method. 



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