Transformation 2011 - Day 30

I woke up today with lots of energy, so I did my moderate workout first thing.

Since it was only a moderate and not an intense workout, and also since it was the first time for doing these movements, I took it pretty easy, going through the motions.  I was sure to give my body time to adjust to the movements for this month.  There’s plenty of time to add the intensity later.  Better safe than sorry.
My workout felt great.  Then I took a shower and made breakfast.
Breakfast today was some leftover sliced steak from last night and some steamed cauliflower cooked with a couple of eggs.
Then at around 1:30 I had most of a whole rotisserie chicken with a few red and yellow potatoes and some marinated artichoke hearts.
Because of a time crunch, I didn’t have time to eat dinner as planned after my Nia class, so I just grabbed a handful each of pecans, cashews and blueberries and ate them on the way to the theater.
Then, when I got home at 11pm, I heated up some BBQ’d chicken breast and black beans.  Then I had a bowl of yogurt with mango, bananas and blueberries, pecans, chia seeds and acai smoothie mix.

Tomorrow is my last day of recording my transformation.  I'll make another video and show you my results.  I'm excited to see them myself.



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