Robin's Body Tuning Story

Robin had been doing yoga for many years. She loved it. And she often found that it helped her get relief from time to time when she had little pains or tight spots.  But about six months ago, she hurt her neck doing a headstand.
At first, she thought it would get better, so she kept going back to yoga, but after a while she realized she was going to need more attention. She stopped doing yoga and tried physical therapy and acupuncture. 
The physical therapist would give her some exercises to do and some elementary mobilizations, but she didn’t see a lot of results. And the physical therapist was really only committed to the extent of her insurance coverage. Once her insurance ran out, her treatments were over.  And she felt no better.
At the acupuncturist, her experience was different.  She did some cupping techniques and the needles, but Robin thought her manner was too anxious and found it hard to relax. She thought she might be getting some relief, so she didn’t want to stop going, but also wasn’t really satisfied that she was getting better.
Finally, she heard about Shmuel Tatz from some parents at her kid’s school. He had helped fix the bodies of two different people and both of them spoke of his unique methods and amazingly fast results. 
So, after months of suffering and trying numerous other avenues, she saw Shmuel for one visit and felt more relief than she ever had sine the problem started. 
She knows that she’s going to be seeing Shmuel for a while, because her problems  have such a long history in her body.  But she says that for the first time, she feels like the person treating her is actually understanding her. She says that Shmuel puts his hands on just the right spot in just the right way that isn’t forceful nor simple, but he goes after the problem with precision and from a variety of approaches.
She’s looking forward until the next time one of her friends tells her that they are in pain, so she can tell them about Shmuel Tatz and Body Tuning. 


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