Tennis, anyone?

The other day, I was talking with Viktor; a massage therapist who works at the Body Tuning studio. I was telling him about how frustrated I was that ever since my injury, I’ve been asymmetrical. I blogged about that here.
He told me that in days of yore, the warriors and gladiators all had one side of their upper bodies that was a lot bigger and stronger than the other.  He explained how they’d use one arm for the shield and the other to wield the weapon.  The side with the weapon would be a lot more muscular, and therefore that look was revered as being extremely virile.
I didn’t know what to say.  I had been calling myself a Warrior for years. And I didn’t know this about the warriors.  So maybe I’m just fulfilling my own prophecy. 
But it got me thinking about ways to better develop my right side.  The workouts that I’ve been doing mostly are balanced and aren’t really helpful in addressing the imbalance I have.  
Then I remembered that when I was young, my family was very into tennis and we were all encouraged to play.  I played for years on a very regular basis.  But I stopped playing when I started to notice that I was developing my body unevenly.  I was mostly using my right side for the game and it was showing in my muscular development.
So I stopped playing tennis and kept doing things like swimming, wrestling and aerobics; things that were balanced.
Now, I may have come full circle and it may be time to take the advice of my mother and father when they told me I was meant to play tennis.  
I’m thinking I should take up the sport once again and see if it helps me to redevelop my right side.  Then, maybe, once I’m even again, I can go back to swimming. 
So does anyone want to play tennis with me?


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