Transformation 2011 - Day 28

I started this morning with two big glasses of water. I usually only do one.

But for many reasons, I decided to do two today.  One reason was that I’ve noticed the color of my urine has been really dark the past day or so.  Another is the fact that I was really dry-mouthed and not sweating as much as usual during my workout. And thirdly, was that I woke up feeling thirsty. I don’t wake up feeling thirsty, usually. But I do still start my day with a big glass of water out of habit. 
After my water, I had my coffee and made my breakfast:

three fried eggs mixed with a cup of garbanzo beans and topped with half an avocado
For lunch I had a modest banana and handful of cashews, which left me hungry after just a couple of hours. 
So, at around quarter to five I heated up some leftover steamed butternut squash with the leftover thai peanut chicken breast and had that with the rest of the avocado from this morning.
After class I came home and made a sirloin butt steak with sweet potatoes roasted in coconut oil and a salad made of romaine and fennel and pepper jack cheese with an olive oil balsamic vinaigrette. 
A bit later I had a bunch of walnuts with honey and a handful of mixed seeds with raisins. 
No exercise today. It was a rest day. I don’t feel bad after my intense workout, either.  I feel pretty good today.  No aches, no pains. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a good Flow.


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