Transformation 2011 - Before and After

Today is exactly one month from the day I made the resolve to get back into shape.
I made a video on that first day.  In it, I stood up and showed my body and pointed out what I wanted to change about it.  Then I went to the kitchen and gave an example of the type of eating I was going to be doing to achieve my goals. And then I went into the living room, where I demonstrated some of the types of movements I would be using to take care of my body.
So today I made another video, similar to that one I made on the first day.  I’ll first show my body and we can look at how it has changed in the month.  And then I’ll go into the kitchen for another demo of my style of eating, and finally back into the living room for a demo of some more of my movements. 
Check out the original video if you want a more in depth comparison than what I show on this video  I’m happy with the shape I’ve gotten myself into. Not that I was in bad shape thirty days ago, but I knew I could be in better shape, and you can watch the video and see what you think.
I’d love to hear your comments.
Thanks for watching.


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