Chicago and Lake Michigan

It’s been three days since I had to pack everything into the car; I didn’t miss that. But today was my last day in Brookfield.  Again, I wasn’t able to sleep in as late as I’d have liked, especially considering how late it was before I went to bed last night. But I was going to meet a friend from New York who had since moved to Chicago and wanted to make me lunch.

It was only about a ninety minute drive, but I had to get up early enough to pack everything into the car, shower, check out and get my coffee.

We had a lovely meal with my friend Kelly, her husband Letham and their twin son and daughter.  They were still pre-speech toddlers, but when they saw River they would make barking sounds at him. He was interested in the children, as they were in him, but they weren’t interested enough to want to get close to him. In fact, at one point when Kelly put one of them on the ground to interact with River, upon being face to face with the dog, he immediately started to cry.

Kelly made a wonderful, simple meal out of roasted potatoes, shredded Brussel’s sprouts, broccoli and pork roast. We also took a little walk around the neighborhood. It was actually so cool to see River walking right next to the baby stroller. He looked so much the “Nanny Dog” part, and he seemed to take to it.

After lunch, they went to their swimming lessons and River and I took the opportunity to check out Lake Michigan, the second of our Great Lakes. We found a sandy beach and played with one of the new toys we got in Wisconsin.

We played until it was time to check into the motel in Chicago: 3pm. I wanted to take a nap, but I had to shower and eat and re-arrange my playlist. Tonight’s class was a 90 minute version I call MEGA ROCKIN.

Catherine Ehret was my producer for this event and we had a nice, full room of Rockers. Three of them were brand new to Nia, and I think all of them are hooked now. I cautioned the class that a 90 minute exercise class is an injury waiting to happen if they don’t pace themselves properly, but I don’t think I took my own advice. I didn’t get injured, but I was going full bore the whole time and after class I felt extremely acidic in my stomach and was almost nauseated. 

Cathy and I had talked about going out to dinner after class, but when she suggested going to an Irish Pub, I was filled with dread. In my state, I couldn’t fathom enjoying going to a pub and being social. All I wanted to do was shower off and lay down and be quiet. She understood. Although I would have loved to spend more time with my new friend, I had to honor my body. As she said, “this won’t be the last time.”  So we can make a point of socializing the next time. 

She had come to the Seventies class yesterday at Sacred Space, so we had a conversation then. I’m glad we did, but I wish we could have gone out tonight, too. 

Instead I drove back to the motel, showered, fed River and wrote in my blog. Now that I’ve settled down and some time has passed, I think I’ll actually eat something.

Tomorrow there’s no class planned, and no one to meet, so I can finally sleep in as late as I want. I’m looking forward to that.


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