I-95 and US 2

This morning, after breakfast, I made my lunch. I finally learned that in order to avoid the awkwardness of preparing my lunch when we stop on the road, I just need to assemble it in advance and have it sitting on the top of the cooler for easy access. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

We hit I-95 and went north. We passed a town called Moscow. I didn’t stop, but the highway snaked through town for a bit, and from what I saw it looks like a nice little town. There was a big food co-op, which is a good thing in my book. Maybe I’ll look into staying there in the future.

We were headed up to Bonner’s Ferry, first; but we stopped a few times along the way. 

Our first stop was at a rest area just south of Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation where River explored the Pet Area and rolled around in the grass.

As we drove into Coeur d’Alene, I noticed a sign saying that it was an “All-American City”. There’s a city in Washington State that declares itself that as well and I don’t know what I think about it. It seems to me that it’s awfully close to being blatantly racist. I wonder what it actually means.

Anyway, our second stop was going to be a park where we could stretch and play and roll in some shade to cool off. I pulled off the highway to look for a park that was noted in my Mini Nav, but it just turned out to be the country fairgrounds; not the kind of park I wanted. So we drove around a bit until I found another park,  this one looked really cool, but didn’t allow dogs. Not to be swayed from my quest, I drove around until I spotted an building with big, empty parking lot and some grassy islands with shade trees. I think it may have been an elementary school, close for the summer.  It was perfect for our needs; we ended up chilling and playing there in the parking lot in Hayden, Idaho.And here is River playing with his stuffed armadillo.

Whenever I pass one of those signs that registers how fast you are going, it always registers a couple of miles per hour less than what shows on my speedometer.
If I have my cruise control set at 35 and my speedometer says 35 as I pass one of those signs, it will say I’m doing 32 or 33. I was wondering if my speedometer is out of whack or if that’s just something they do on those signs. Does anyone else find this?

We stopped again at a wooded area near Bonner’s Ferry where I ate my very conveniently pre-packed lunch. I had to fight off an aggressive bee who seemed very interested in my food. River ate on a blanket by the car. After eating we walked over to check out the view of the bridge that we had just driven over.
Can you see it in the background?

At Bonner’s Ferry, we switched to the beautiful US-2 and drove through the Kootenai National Forest and past the Kootenai River. 

After bringing the trip odometer up to 650 miles today, we pulled into Kalispell where we’ll stay for the night.


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