Lake Huron (almost)

This morning it was so nice to sleep as late as my body wanted to, and to take two hours to get ready and on the road. We passed the 3000 mile mark for the trip on our way out of Chicago. I’ve discovered that BP has a 93 octane gasoline and I’ve been using for the last few tanks. My average MPG has gone back up to 30.3 as of today.

We left Chicago through a village called Rosewood and saw a lot of really cool parks. We definitely want to come to back to Chicago and spend some time; it seems like a really cool city. 

The goal for today was to get to experience Lake Huron. It was a long drive. We passed through Indiana, appropriately nicknamed the Crossroads of America, and soon we were in Michigan.

We stopped at Rest Areas now and then, to eat and stretch our legs, but other than that made a pretty straight shot to the lake. It was almost sunset by the time we got to the shore so we didn’t have much time. I found that the places where the map showed close access to the lake, it was all private property and the houses were blocking the lake. 

As I drove through a residential area, I could sneak peeks of the lake in between the homes.

In the video, the lake is hard to see because of the sun’s glare, but the end of the video is probably the best view of the lake we got. Here it is:

Lake Huron

I think it’s appropriate that the chain link fence is in front of it. It symbolizes how restricted the coastline was from us.
River enjoying Lake Huron

We drove about ten minutes south of the lake to a town called Saginaw where we stopped for the night.

I asked the guy at the front desk at Motel 6 if I could have a room with a microwave and he told me there were no microwaves on site except for that one he pointed to in the lobby. That was fine with me, so I didn’t pursue it. I notice that the room he gave me was a handicap access room and I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to park in front of it because it was a blue, handicapped parking spot. I almost went back to the office and asked if I could have room 129 instead because that one had a parking space in front. In the end, I decided it wasn’t worth it and just walked the few doors down with all the bags and the crate. When I get into the room, I see it is a massively spacious room with a microwave and a mini fridge.

I heated up some broccoli and lamb chops that I that bought at the Brookfield, WI farmers market and cooked in an oven in Milwaukee. Some of the fermented vegetables I got at the Co-op in Duluth rounded out the meal nicely. For dessert, I can have some chocolate covered malt balls courtesy of Jill Campana and The Nutman.


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