Visiting Lake Ontario

We slept in a little bit this morning, and I decided to do some laundry. So we didn’t get started right away.

The only way I was going to be able to fit Lake Ontario into my itinerary was to stay two nights in Cleveland and use the second day to make a day trip to the lake. It was going to be about four or five hours each direction.

First, we drove through Ohio to get to Pennsylvania. As we got further east, I noticed more and more colors in the landscape. Purples, different kinds of greens, yellow, white, red and shades of amber.

We stopped to eat at the Pennsylvania state line.
Stopping for a picnic lunch at the Pennsylvania state line

Back on the road and soon we were passing through New York wine country.

It was three hours into the day and we were still next to Lake Erie. I had to rethink being impressed by taking a whole hour to drive all the way around Flathead Lake in Montana.

We drove over the Erie Canal and finally, Lake Ontario started showing up on the map and I could start looking for beach access.
Kickin it at Olcutt Beach. Yes, that's Lake Ontario in the background.

I was lucky, because the sun was about to set, and the first place I investigated turned out to be pretty cool. There was a park with some grass for running, and a gazebo for lounging in, and there was some pretty cool lake access down some narrow stone stairs.

After spending over four hours driving, you’d think that we’d spend more than fifteen minutes in the park, but no. We turned around and headed right back. 

In the dark, I don’t enjoy driving as much. I don’t really notice things, and in fact, I find it easy to miss things. And River isn’t very lively, either. He slept most of the way home. 

We’re back in the room, the five Great Lakes and a sixth have been conquered on this trip. River is scratching himself like crazy right now. I put some coconut oil on him in hopes that it would soothe him but he’s still going at it. I’m afraid the local fleas have taken a liking to him or he’s got some sort of algae from the lakes?

I will say that my shoes haven’t recovered from being in Lake Erie. I couldn’t wear them today, they stunk so bad.

Here’s hoping River’s skin stops itching soon. I hate to see him suffer. But he doesn’t look good. His coat is so shiny now. And smells good, too. 


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