I-94 from Miles City to Fargo, ND

After a brief play in the courtyard in front of our room at Motel 6, today was all about driving, driving, driving...
"Before you start packing up the car, we should go out and play on that grass"

The first part of the drive was incredible. I didn’t realize I was going to get to see the Badlands.

As I drove past the border to North Dakota I was impressed by the landscape. It just kept getting more and more painted and sculpted and I thought, ‘Why aren’t more people talking about how gorgeous North Dakota is!?” Then I saw the sign that said these were the Badlands, and I was reminded that at least one of my friends has told me I’d love that drive. He was right.

But then, more driving.

Another Rest Area --- and then more driving.

We made it to Fargo by dusk and there’s now 1807 miles logged on this trip.  Tomorrow we should see our first Great Lake!


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