ROCKIN: The Seventies - Wisconsin double-header part 2

I woke up early this morning to have a massage client in the room. 

After he left, I took River to the local farmers market here. It was packed! I drove around the parking lot for five minutes, along with many other drivers, just basically waiting for someone to pull out of a parking spot so I could slip it. Finally, it happened.

As we were getting out of the car, I had River on his long leash so we could first run and play in the grass. My theory is that if he has been run a little bit ragged, he’s more likely to surrender to being obedient in an exciting situation such a walking through a farmers market. A couple with a chihuahua on leash were walking toward us as we approached the grass. River was interested and was about to head over in that direction, but the little dog barked ferociously and lunged at River, who playfully skipped away in the opposite direction. I was impressed with his response. It felt nice to be able to say “Good Dog” as the couple were disciplining their dog for bad behavior. We played with one of his new toys until he seemed tuckered and then we headed for the market.

Once I stocked up, we headed back to the room to get ready for class. It was an afternoon class today: ROCKIN: The Seventies. My host, Jill Campana had requested I include Kashmir in the routine, and it wasn’t in the playlist, so I made some last minute adjustments before we headed to Sacred Space in Hubertus.

Jill, along with her husband Frank, own a shop called Nutman, that sells gifts and snacks, and in the store is her dance studio. River had the honor of being the first dog allowed in the store and/or the studio. It isn’t the first studio that bestowed that honor upon him, but it’s still always an honor.

We had a great crowd for class and the routine seemed to go over really well.
Me with Jill Campana and Carol L Dusold, my two hosts for the double header event

River's set-up during class


River bides his time while we Nia

a free dance moment

pressing the earth during "Highway Star"
I used:

Stairway to Heaven    -    Led Zeppelin
Time    -    Pink Floyd   
Kashmir    -    Led Zeppelin   
Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo    -    Rick Derringer   
Immigrant Song    -    Led Zeppelin   
Paranoid    -    Black Sabbath   
Highway Star    -    Deep Purple
We Will Rock You    -    Queen
Won't Get Fooled Again    -    The Who
The Great Gig In The Sky    -    Pink Floyd
Beth    -    Kiss   

After class, we had another social snack party in the store, which River loves, because everyone likes to feed him vegetables. 

Then a few of us caravanned over to Jill and Frank’s home in Richfield where we had a delicious meal that Frank prepared. We also got a tour of their impressive landscaped yard. It was a maze of trails and plants and clearings with chairs, and walkways and decks. There was a gargoyle sitting on the ground at a fork in one of the trails and River didn’t see it until he was right next to it. And it completely startled him. He took a little skid in the gravel because he changed directions so quickly.

A bit later, he spotted Gloria, the resident cat, and attempted to lunge for her. I stopped him using the leash and he was resistant to obeying because he was so fascinated in the furry creature taunting him. It was either during this scuffle, or perhaps in his gargoyle panic that he scraped one of the pads on his front left paw and drew blood. He’ll be fine. It’s just a scratch on his leg. The bleeding stopped almost immediately, and it’s not in a place that touches the ground when he walks, so it doesn’t seem to bother him much.

Dinner was a feast that included steak, salad, vegetables, pasta with meatballs, scallops, pesto and cheese. The tomatoes were from the garden out back and were perfectly ripe. After dinner we had chocolate cake. We chatted a bit more and then broke up for the evening.

Although, i still had one more engagement planned. I went back to Milwaukee where a man named Scout lived. He had responded to an ad I placed in Craigs List asking for a kind soul that would let me use his washer/dryer and his oven/stove. I brought over all the stuff I purchased at the farmers market that morning, and cooked it and put it in tupperware in my cooler for meals for the next few days. 

Just as all of my laundry was done and I was packed and ready to go, Scout surprised me by mentioning that he was just about to pull a roasted apple tart out of the oven, and suggested that if I stayed a little more, he’d put some ice cream on top and give me half of it. How could I resist that?

It was after 4am before I got back to my room and went to bed!


Anonymous said…
Wonderful pictures. Sounds like a great time.

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