Leaving Roseville! Relaxing in Milwaukee

I had set my alarm to go off at 7:30am and despite my wanting to go back to sleep at that time, forced myself to get up, load the car and hit the road. We drove pretty much straight through to Milwaukee, where I had an appointment to have my scheduled maintenance done at the Milwaukee Mini dealer.  Glad to get that taken care of. 

We stopped at a rest area for lunch, and then at another for a break from driving just to walk and run around a bit.
at a rest area in Wisconsin 
The drive wasn’t remarkable. It was mostly either rolling vegetation-covered hills or a corridor of trees. In either case, there was a smattering of autumn colors throughout the landscape. Bits of reds and yellows were showing up in the trees.

They were gushing over River at the Mini dealer, and were enthralled by his love for bananas and all of the tricks he’ll do to get one. We were in and out of the Mini dealer in just over an hour, and now all  is well. They even gave her a quick vacuuming, which she desperately needed.

Brookfield is a suburb of Milwaukee. The Mini dealer was in Milwaukee proper, and it was only an eight minute drive to the motel. We're both much happier with this location, which is good because we’ll be here for three nights. It will be nice not to have to relocate for a while. While we're here, I have two classes to teach; one tomorrow and one the next day.

It feels like the pit bull phobia is high here, in general. Many of the people are friendly and highly complimentary toward River, but display an obvious respect and fear. They’re saying he’s so beautiful but keeping their distance and commenting that they don’t want to get eaten.

Tonight I’m going to do laundry and go to bed early.


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