Super Human Rock & Roll FloorPlayShop

Jason is bringing Super Human Rock Nia back to Olympia. This time in the form of Super Human FloorPlayShop.

Wednesday, October 23
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Motion in Balance Studio
219 Legion Way
Studio 203-A
Olympia, WA

Contact Julia Annis on Facebook for more information or to reserve your spot

In this playshop, JAG will discuss, teach and demonstrate how we can use our bodies in the most efficient way possible, allowing us to tap into our own Super Human capabilities. And then he uses classic rock music to guide us in a Nia routine that allows us to practice being Super Human in many of the major Nia movements.

There will be a fun, extended FloorPlay section in which JAG will play around with many ways to condition and heal the body using a big wool blanket and a slippery wooden floor.

Come and rock! Come and play! Come and get your Super Human on.

River, the wonder dog will also be there. He loves meeting new people. He'll hang out in his cage while we do our work, but he'll be available for meet and greet before and after class.


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