Finding Huron

We got a relatively early start this morning so that we could have all day to track down this elusive thing known as “the shore of Lake Huron”. 

Yesterday we came up pretty empty handed considering we not only didn’t get our feet wet in the lake, we were not even able to find a decent, unobstructed view of it.

Last night I looked at a map and noted two cities that were right up against the shore of the lake and had parks in them. I entered those two cities in my GPS and hit the road.

We drove past what seemed like corn fields for about two hours until finally we came to
our first stop, which was in Sanilac. I found a park right next to a harbor. So we were able to see the lake and we could play near it, but it still escaped our reach.

I captured a pretty funny video of River being scared by a drinking fountain that looks like a lion head.  Here, you'll see us driving through the corn, then the scary lion in the park and finally, our connecting to Lake Huron.

Then we got back in the car and made a short trip to Burtchville Township Park and finally we found it!! Shore access. So we both got our feet wet in Lake Huron today.

We played there for a bit, ate some food and then headed back down to Ann Arbor, where I had two appointments set up for massages in the motel room.

The thing that I've noticed about Michigan drivers is they love to speed. In fact, when I drive at the speed limit, they get really upset with me. I set my cruise control for three MPH over the posted speed limit. I figure it allows for the 2 MPH discrepancy that I've noticed between my speedometer and those radar speeding signs that tell you how fast you're going. And then it also allows another 1 MPH over the speed limit so I can feel like I'm getting away with something, but it won't get me in trouble. And the locals just won't have it.  I was honked at at least four times and a couple of people gave me some hand signals that basically mean "I don't like the way you drive". And it felt like everyone was furiously passing me on both sides no matter what I did.

And I kept checking the speed limit and yes, I was going the proper speed. But I guess, to Michiganians, 70 MPH just isn't fast enough.

It got really drastic in Detroit, where the speed limit through the city is 55. I think everyone wanted to go 80.


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