2012 Check In

I am going to use my blog to “check in” daily and be sure I keep doing my new rituals. I’ll also be sharing my progress as I keep exploring new facets of my fitness edge.

Today I started what will become my morning ritual. I like this resolution to spend an hour breathing, meditating and moving each day. Although, this morning I didn’t start right away and my day went out of control for a while. So it was mid afternoon before I started my “morning ritual” and almost sunset before I finished.  But that’s fine, because I was glad to just do it. Tomorrow morning I can wake up and do it again and since I did it today, it won’t be foreign. I can be so sensitive in the morning when something is foreign.

So, we’ll see how that goes in the morning.

I also did some extra work with elastic bands and high performance breathing, but I’m saving anything intense for after I’ve been at this for a day or so.  So that was it for me, movement and exercise-wise today.

I also did a meditation. I couldn’t remember where I had put my mala beads, but while I was looking for them I found a set of mardi gras beads and I used a paper clip so I could get my meditation going. But afterwards I did find my mala beads, so I can use those tomorrow.

I didn’t do my breathing exercises. I couldn’t find my chart and diary and I got distracted while trying to find them and was out of time before I knew what hit me. I am now prepared though. As I said earlier, I can wake up tomorrow morning and easily do my movement, meditation and breathing exercises all before I go upstairs to make my coffee. 

OK Now I have a confession:
Here it is January 3 and I want to change my New Years Resolutions already.
My eating habits are already pretty great. I don’t know why I even bothered with that resolution about the sugar and the wheat. It’s not really an issue for me. I do eat those things, but I don’t think the amount that I use is problematic.

But I will eat those nine cups of fruits and vegetables every day. I’m excited about doing that. And furthermore, I want to make it a daily habit to walk to the store and buy fresh produce (or some food of some kind). The walking, the shopping, the getting away from my dog, River, for half an hour, these are all good healthy things. But depriving myself of something that I enjoy and don’t abuse? That’s not healthy. So... All in favor of me changing my mind on day three? .... Opposed? ...

OK.  Done.

I’m proud to report that today I did walk to the store, even though it was in the wind and the rain, because I didn’t have any olive oil for dinner. And while I was there I picked up a huge butternut squash, which I can have tomorrow. It felt great to walk and I got some fresh air and fresh food.


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