2012 Motivation

How Do I Get Started?  How Do I Keep Going?

This time of year, more exercise, diet and fitness programs are started than at any other time of year.  In fact, I often use the momentum of this auspicious occasion to re-invigorate my programs.  Over the course of the year, I tend to slack off bit by bit so that by the time December rolls around, I’m eating cookies daily and exercising with little frequency.  So this seems like a good time to write about how to get and stay motivated.

Some people seem to have no problem convincing themselves that they have the time, the energy and the inclination to exercise and eat healthful food, while others seem to think it would be just as easy to walk straight up the side of a building--in other words, pretty darn impossible.

So what is the difference?

In this article I’m going to explain how I work my mind so that I am motivated to exercise every day and to make healthful choices at each meal.  And if you want to, you can work your mind this same way to motivate yourself.  This technique works for anything you want to be motivated to do.  But you have to do it FULLY.  No half-way doing this technique.  You have to fully commit and make it as meaningful and powerful as you can, and you will be amazed at how you can get yourself to do things that you’d been struggling with before.

I use visualization in my mind. 

Step 1: I create an awesome picture of myself in my head.  In this picture, I am in great shape.  All of my muscles are perfectly formed and my body fat is low enough so that I can see definition all over.  My abs are a beautiful eight-pack, my thighs are thick and sinewy.  Not only that, but I’m laughing and playing shirtless in the sunshine.  I have tons of energy and am in a great mood.  People (in my pictures) are always looking at me and sometimes even cheering because I’m such a fantastic specimen.  I also include pictures of me doing my workout in much the same way.  I feel physically strong and healthy and look amazing and I’m having a great time.

And then I put that picture right in front of me so that its very close.  This is all happening in my mind’s eye. But it would seem like if I reached out my hand, I could touch this picture.  The more clear, the more emotionally charged and the more detailed this picture, the better the technique works.

Step 2:  I create an opposite picture.  In this one, I am not exercising.  I am flabby and lacking in tone.  My energy is lethargic.  The colors of the picture are more drab and grey.  My mood is more dampened.  The people are still watching but they are only partially interested, milling around.  Some are embarrassed for me, some are laughing. My body is achy and stiff and I can barely reach down to tie my own shoes without a great deal of discomfort and strain.

I put that picture, and the accompanying sounds and feelings, directly behind me.  So close behind me that if I were to stop moving forward, it might bump me in the butt. 

So, are you getting a feeling for what its like in my mind?  Once those two pictures are put strongly into place, it is very easy for me to find the motivation to walk into my exercise room and get working.  I literally WANT to move away from the bad picture and towards the good picture. I’m compelled by these scenarios, much like Ebenezer Scrooge is faced with the choice of outcomes based on his current actions.

I have used this technique for many things including going to bed at a decent hour, skipping late night snacks, cleaning the apartment, doing my homework, etc.  the list goes on.

So, now that I have my pictures in place and my motivation is fired up, the next thing to consider is how to get started on this new venture.  I know from experience that starting off at a full gallop is a recipe for disaster.  I need to ease myself back into this lifestyle.

I will be blogging daily about how I’m re-instituting this lifestyle into my own life, and I hope that someone out there reading this will find some inspiration and some helpful guidance to make 2012 the year they get themselves on that track they’ve always been promising themselves to get on, but hadn’t found the mindset that supports the lifestyle.

Now, with this mindset, your lifestyle will be supported, and following along this healthful path will soon be its own reward.  Thanks for following along with me.


Hi Suzie,

Thanks for leaving your advertisement on my blog.

Personally, I don't think abdominal exercise machines are useful. In fact, most of them aren't helpful at all and can be harmful.

The abdominals aren't intended to 'lift' things. Basically the abdominal muscles are meant to stabilize the core during twisting and bending movements. So my professional opinion is to stay FAR AWAY from things like "Abdominal Exercise Machines" since they are a waste of money at best and dangerously inappropriate at worst.
Helaine said…
You are a wonder and an inspiration. I feel so lucky yo have found you. I will certainly try this technique and let your know how it goes. I could really use it right now!
Happy and helathy New Year,

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