2012 Soreness

I am just now making my coffee, which I get to do as a reward for doing my new morning ritual. Today I woke up very sore from yesterday’s workout.  Or at least, I think it was from yesterday’s workout. It could still be residual from two days ago.  Because usually it takes about 24 hours for delayed onset muscle soreness to show up after exercise, which won’t be until around three o'clock this afternoon.  I might be in for some serious soreness then; we’ll see.

I was a bit demotivated this morning because I was so achy and sleepy, but I still went into the room at my scheduled time for my morning breathing, moving and meditating ritual. 

Afterwards... Now...  I’m so glad I did it! I feel SO much better.  It actually felt better today than it has felt all week.  So this is an interesting paradox: “The less you feel like doing it, the better it will make you feel when you do.”

Also, it feels good to keep the habit going. I know that habits take a while to become ingrained, so I have to struggle through this period of development before it becomes like second nature.  Forcing myself to do it for three weeks should result in it just happening by itself from there on out.

On the exercise front, today is all about rest and recovery.  I may get a massage. I will probably take a long, hot bath. I will definitely drink a lot of water and do a lot of light stretching and mobilization to keep everything running smoothly.

Speaking of which, I went to the bathroom three times before 10am this morning.  (I guess I ate a lot of fiber yesterday.) I'm well-stocked with plenty of vegetables around so I don’t technically need to go to the store, but I will go anyway, just to keep the habit alive.  Maybe I’ll pick up extra toilet paper.

UPDATE - Later that the afternoon:
I’ve been moving and stretching all day and now, it’s almost 5pm and I’m feeling a second wave of soreness all over and a new soreness in my legs.  Which makes sense because Wednesday’s workout was more upper body and yesterday more full-body. but I’ll continue to stretch and move. I’m fine with soreness.  It’s pain I don’t welcome. And I'm pain-free.

For breakfast I had a pear and then two eggs with a cup each of parsnips, mushrooms and spinach. For lunch, I had 2 cups of cucumbers and a handful of almonds. Then a little bit later I walked to the store to get more coffee beans and coconut oil, and while i was there I bought and ate a cookie, just because I like those, and this is the only store I  see them in.

I’m already up to six cups for today, and I haven’t had dinner yet. So today was a breeze. What I love about this approach is that I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything. I can have that cookie and it didn’t go against my goal. It just takes up space in my stomach, which I know I have to save for vegetables. I’ve never thought about it this way before, so it is fascinating to me.

Tonight I’m looking forward to my kale, and I have some sweet potatoes, beets and Brussels sprouts. If I think I’ll still be hungry once I see what that looks like, I’ll decide if I want to add some leftover chicken in there, too.

But it looks like it's going to be plenty of food.


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