2012 Exercise

My January workouts are progressing nicely.

Here is a video sampling of the progression I’m cycling through for this month.

It’s a four day cycle of increasing intensity and changing focus.

************DAY  1************************
It’s not a day off, but Day One is for RECOVERY. I usually do lots of simple movements, stretching and relaxing.  I don’t sweat on this day; instead I’m more focused on treating myself nicely and undoing any damage I may have done the days prior.

************DAY 2************************

Day two I call my FLOW day. I may do Nia or Yoga on this day.  It serves to sort of re-amp my body after a day of rest and to prepare myself for the onslaught of the upcoming two days. I will get deep with my stretching today, and may even use a foam roller or a rubber ball to address specific needy parts. I may sweat today, but only a mild sweat.  I don’t usually push myself much on this day, I treat it as flirting with my edge without going over.

************DAY  3************************

Day three is my STRENGTH/STABILITY day. I’m working on muscular strength, alignment and muscle recruitment. This month, in particular, I’m focused on activating what I call my SUPER HUMAN strength.  This is a way of bracing my body to improve my access to power and strength.  It is as much about ‘teaching’ my body to utilize its SUPER HUMAN as it is about developing strength.  I’ve been amazed and delighted by what I’m discovering and about the newly found strength I’m uncovering.  I’m also developing a workshop called SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH SECRETS, where I will teach people how they can instantly access this power and become super human, too.

On this particular day, I also worked a little bit on my POWER BREATHING technique. I completely exhale while contracting all the muscles of my core.  I hold this position, and my breath for as long as I can.  When I feel the urge to breathe again, I relax my contraction and unblock my glottis.  I’m not breathing in, but just relaxing and letting some air drop in passively.  That’s all the air I get before I do it again; exhaling and contracting completely and holding it until I feel I need another breath. 

When I first started doing this, I would panic and have to take a few ‘catch up’ breaths in between reps.  But now I’m to the place where my nervous system can handle it. I feel like this kind of conditioning is indispensable for real life fitness. Quick recovery is the key. 

************DAY  4************************

And then, Day four is my METABOLISM day.  I work myself to and a bit beyond my edge.  Today’s focus is on getting my heart rate and breathing rate up and pushing a little bit to and beyond my edge of comfort. And the real key here is how quickly I can recover from this. I give myself only ten seconds in between sets to recovery. I”m teaching my body that that’s all it gets so it needs to rise to the occasion and recover instantly after a hard bout of work, because the next one is coming up right away. 

During the cool down of my Metabolism workout, I noticed that my shoulder rotator muscles were very tight, so I ended my cool down with some specific movements and stretches to address that.  I included them in the video because I thought they were kind of interesting.  I’ve never seen some of the things I was doing, and they were actually very effective at loosening my rotators.

Thanks for reading and watching. Let me know what you think.


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