Night Sweats

Back in November, when I first started taking Lamisil, I had a bit of an issue with waking up in the middle of the night in a soaking wet bed, covered in sweat.  It was gross.

I wasn’t sure what caused the sweats, but since they only happened those first two nights, I figured it was either one of two things:

ONE: A reaction to the Lamisil which I eventually became accustomed to and stopped sweating.

TWO: A reaction to a tetanus shot I got at the same time I got my Lamisil Rx.

But now, nearly three months later, I only have a few pills left.  (I’d say I have about a week and a half left of my three-month dose.) And it happened again.  Three nights ago, about 4am, I was awaken by the feeling that the bed was ice cold. It was soaking wet and so was I.  I had to go get a towel to lay back down on the bed and sleep through the night.
This isn't my bed, but this is exactly what it was like

Two nights ago it didn’t happen, but then again last night, or rather this morning, again at 4am, I was drenched in sweat.  This time I went and put on a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie so I could get back into bed and get those last few hours of sleep.

So, I don’t know what to think.  What causes night sweats? I didnt’ get any other tetanus shots or any meds of any kind this week. I don’t have a fever and my diet is good. I don’t feel particularly stressed or worried, and I”m not going through menopause, although I think I’m the age that women are when they do go through the change.  I wonder if men have similar hormonal shifts in their mid to late forties?

I’d give up my search for the answer, happily, if I could just sleep through the night and remain dry.  But in the meantime, any insight into this topic would be greatly appreciated.

I looked it up on WebMD and the stuff I see there is definitely NOT what I want to hear.  They present this list of eight possible reasons for night sweating, and none of them is something I'd want.  I love #2, though. Makes me laugh. So it seems that one possible reason for night sweats is a condition where the body just excessively sweats for no reason.  How's that for a reason? Now I've always been a prodigious sweat producer, but never (until now) made puddles in bed at night. 

More news as it develops....


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