2012 Resolutions

This year, I’ve decided to blog about my adventures in getting my life back on the health and fitness track.  I have to admit, I’ve been coasting for the last few months of 2011.
So, another New Year and another opportunity to assess how much my life has gotten away from me.  I often use this time of year to make new promises to myself.  And I’m almost always seeking self-improvement through these changes.

I’ve written down some basic Resolutions for the New Year. Notice that the way I word these things are as if they’re already happening.  This is the most powerful way to phrase these affirmations.  Also, I can never affirm to NOT do something.  For example, it won’t work to say “I’m going to stop smoking” as well as it will work to say, “I love to breathe only fresh clean air and I love having healthy lungs.”  To me, the energy of the two statements are significantly different.

I also like to give myself a built in reward whenever possible.

So here’s what I came up with:

1- I love to devote an hour of my morning to doing twenty minutes each of light exercises, breathing and meditation.  It really makes the day feel much better. Doing it is its own reward, but I also allow myself to have a cup of coffee after I do it, as another type of reward.

2 -I love to eat at least nine cups of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
And as a reward for that, I allow myself a single, small treat that night.

3- I love to give consideration to my consumption of sugar and wheat and only use both in very limited amounts, if at all.

I could go on, but I want to keep myself from going nuts or from being overwhelmed by all of this change at once.  So I made a list of things I wanted and then I chose the three that I felt would make the biggest difference and get me closest to what I wanted to be.  Then, if I find that I’m achieving this without too much difficulty, I can always go back and add more in mid-year.

I also got a new dog.  I’ve had him for four months now and being in relationship with him has really helped to open my eyes to some of my personality peccadillos.  So based on what I’m learning through him, I have a bonus thought for this year.  My theme for the year will be PEACE. And by nurturing a positive relationship with my dog, River, I will navigate myself away from anger and impatience into more peace and forgiveness.


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