2012 Vegetables

I was inspired by this video.

So now, I’m committed to eating nine cups of fresh fruits and vegetables a day.  Its not that hard, but it is a lot of vegetables.  I’m noticing that although I’m not a vegetarian, I feel like eating meat takes up too much room in my stomach.  If I’m going to be able to fit in all the vegetables, its going to push other stuff out of my diet.

Yesterday I started off with a mango.  But it wasn’t ripe. It was so sour, I only had two bites and threw it away.  Sad.  I had an apple instead.

Then, for lunch, I heated up some leftover dinner, which was beef, cauliflower, kale, parsnips, potatoes and rutabagas.  I had about two cups of that heated up on top of four cups of chopped and steamed Swiss chard.

After my afternoon workout, I was hungry again, so I had a cup each of roasted cauliflower, roasted beets, raw cucumber and raw spinach with a handful of almonds and topped with lemon juice and olive oil.

About five hours later, I made dinner, which included a cup each of beets, cauliflower, chicken, sweet potatoes and zucchini simmered in a Thai green curry.

So, adding it all up, I ate about 13 cups of produce yesterday. Wow.  I thought nine cups was going to be hard, but once I put my mind to it, it was easy.  I will say this though...

That’s a lot of vegetables.

At the risk of being crude, I want to say that after all the Swiss chard for lunch I had green poop last night.  And due to all the beets I ate, it was purple this morning.  Fun.


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