Another Uplifting Nia Experience

I got this email from a Nia student who used to take my class in New York.

He said I could post it on my blog so here it is. 
Nia Class in Action

"Taking Jason Griffin's Nia class has always been a positive experience.  For someone like me who is middle age and not in the best of shape Nia really improved my muscle term and flexibility within a relatively short time.  I've seen sharper mental focus in just a few weeks  and a difference in my energy levels and flexibility.  There are times when it was more challenging and Jason always guided me through it with ease and patience and determination which far exceded my expectations.  Plus it can be be much more fun then aerobics but just an effective.  It truly can improve endurance, strength and flexibility and you will feel so much better overall. Thanks, Jason, for helping me get back into fitness with Nia!"

  Henri, Bronx, NY.

Jason here:  Thanks Henri, for that lovely letter. I agree that there is something about Nia that makes it a fun way to get back into shape and improve all of the physical things that you mention, and much more. Also, many people feel much better emotionally after doing a Nia class, and more mentally clear. If you want to find out what Nia will do for you try a Nia class. You'll feel the difference.

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