2012 Establishing New Habits

I did it this morning!

My new morning ritual is in place.  I woke up, took River for a walk and then came back and did my breathing exercises, my morning movements and my meditation, all before going upstairs to have my coffee. 

I’m not looking for any earth-shattering results from doing this, but it does give a nice energetic glow to my day.

I’m also all prepared to get my nine cups of fruits and vegetables today.  I’ve got some Swiss chard, cucumber, zucchini, some beets, a mango, cauliflower and a sweet potato.  I’m guessing it's about nine cups, but I haven’t measured it.  I’m also not sure if I’m going to be able to eat it all, or if I’ll eat all of this and then eat even more.

But this is where I’m starting.   I’ll have that mango for breakfast...

And I will also be taking a walk to the store at some point today, where I will buy lots more fresh produce.

A bit later this afternoon, I'll be doing a bit of exercise. It will be a slight increase in the intensity (or lack thereof) from my movement yesterday.  All I did for exercise yesterday, outside of my daily morning movement, was a single set of High Performance Breathing and some joint mobilization exercises using the elastic band. today I'm going to be doing some yoga. 


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