Beef Made the Cut

I was excited about today’s weigh in, as it was potentially going to answer a lot of questions that have been raised by the experiment. So far, I have been losing weight every day, and when my weight loss pattern suddenly stopped, I couldn’t be sure it wasn’t because of inflammation, even though I was only testing foods considered very unlikely to cause a reaction.

Yesterday I stuck to a known, friendly diet, and added a steak with dinner to test my reaction to beef.
Wagyu Top Sirloin
This morning, on the scale I was the same exact weight I was the day before.  So this means that I can move beef over to my friendly foods list. And I can also step back and look at a bigger picture of what’s been going on. I feel like my body has reached an ideal weight and isn’t going to be dropping much more.

This is good. I didn’t really intend to lose much weight by doing this, (I was quite surprised to see ten pounds drop off in less than a week.)

So I’m now at a weight that’s lower than I was in high school. I’ve been hovering around 160 pounds for as long as I’ve been out of school. And even in school, when I was using dangerous practices to “cut weight” for wrestling, I weighed in the low 150’s and struggled to get myself down to below 148. So now, for me to be at 155 without doing any exercise and not feeling hungry or dehydrated is remarkable.

I will say this. It’s not like I’m not doing any work. I’m devoting quite a bit of time and energy to eating this way. I haven’t been exercising at all, mainly because of the injury. That is feeling much better already and I'm starting to get the urge to add some exercise back in. I'm thinking I'll start with and emphasize movements that make my body feel good and supported, rather than my typical challenging warrior fitness stuff.  At least for now.

I feel that now I can see a developing trend of my body weight hovering around a comfort zone. Rather than a rapid weight loss, I can probably expect stability in my weight and would be looking for more significant weight gain than 1/5 of a pound. I won’t get alarmed by anything less than a half pound of gain and since my scale rounds to the nearest 0.2, I’d have to wait until it registers a 0.6 weight gain or more to consider it a reaction. 

So, theoretically, I have determined that I’m probably safe with goat cheese, rye and chocolate. But today, I’ll stick to a mostly friendly diet that includes goat cheese and chocolate. (I’ll save retesting the rye for another day.) If I’m less than 155.6 pounds tomorrow morning, then I’ll be sure.

In general, I have a lot of energy all day and I seem to be in a great mood.
I mentioned a couple of days ago about my flatulence and body odor, but those two situations were both only for that one day. My odors are back to normal now. I know you were dying to know that. :)

I have a water glass that holds 16 ounces and I’m shooting for 80 ounces of water a day. That works about to about five glasses. So in the morning, I squeeze half a lemon into the glass and fill it with water and drink it down. It’s quite refreshing first thing in the morning, and I seem to have no problem drinking the whole glass down. Then, I refill the glass and put four rubber bands around it. Then, throughout the day I drink from it. Every time I empty the glass, I remove one of the rubber bands and refill it. This is how I keep track of my water intake. I don’t want to drink too much or too little, and because I’m basing all of my data on my body weight, I want to consistently drink the same amount of water each day. This system seems to be working well.

In order for all of my weigh-ins to be of consistent hydration, I need to give myself 12 hours of not drinking, to process and eliminate the water. And I weigh myself immediately after using the toilet for the keenest accuracy. I had suspected it was going to be a challenge for me not to drink water after 7:30 pm, but it turns out to be refreshing, in a way. Not only has the program broken me of my habit of eating a late night snack, but it’s also prohibiting drinking water at night. So the feeling is that once I’m done with dinner, I can close the kitchen. And I don’t put anything into my body as long as the sun is down. There’s something unexpectedly peaceful about making that commitment.


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